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Oh, I'm not complaining. I'd just rather a NY school. I know my options now are great as they are...

Thanks for the advice. Anyone else?

I don't really care much for the other schools on the list... I see Georgetown as the prototype, so once i was accepted there, it's that cluster (with Georgetown as it's representative) vs my top choices (Columbia, NYU, Stanford).

Hmmm. I was considering that. But how can I be sure they'll take me next year? What if they don't, and I'll have just waited an entire year for no reason at all!

Yes, it was late.

Yes, I'd need to commit 100%.

And while it's not a MUST, I'd want to work in NY.

My LSAT is 172, and my GPA is 4.0. And no, not a minority.

Hey everyone,

I was accepted at Cardozo and offered a full scholarship, at Fordham I was ofered a 50% scholarship and Georgetown is offering me a small scholarship. I'm waitlisted at Columbia, NYU, Chicago, UPenn, Duke etc.

What do you recommend I do? Should I take the offers at Cardozo and Fordham and stay on the waitlists, or do I stay with Georgetown, and remove myself from the waitlists? (Georgetown demands a commitment if I accept their scholarship). What would you do in my position?

My first choice is NYU, followed by Columbia, followed by Stanford.

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