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My advice, as I originally suggested, would be to re-think what he can/wants to do after law school graduation.  The original poster was adamant about practicing IP.  If he isn't one of the few that will land BigLaw (or a boutique),practicing IP is a problem.  If the original OP is fine with being a litigator at a small or mid size firm, then fine.  The problem is two-fold: the IP market for attorneys is very different than it was 4 years ago and small firms do not have IP practices.

BTW, you seem to assume my comments were made because I go to a T14 school.  They weren't.  I happen to have substantial pre-law school experience with IP, and I doubt anyone on this board understands the IP market more than I do.

I wish you had made this point to begin with.  If you had it wouldn't have appeared that you were slagging off on someone who likely already has enough anxiety in regards to his career choices.  Having noted your actual  IP experience (and you must admit many posters on this board lack experience in the fields in which they are advising)  your suggestions appear more constructive and helpful then they originally appeared.

My apologies for going off on you.  I feel, to a degree,  this board is filled with people who intend on preying on others anxieties in order to make them feel better about themselves. Clearly this was not your intention.

Jesus Christ, people give the worst f-ing advice on this board.  You realize there is only 1 firm in NJ with a substantial IP practice?  Go to Seton Hall.  Report back in three years about how your debt is crushing you because you couldn't find an IP job.

So what is your advice? Again he didn't ask you whether he should go. He didn't ask you if, compared to your T-14 school, any of his options stacked up.  He asked which of HIS options were best. Taking into account your debt comment, does this mean you think that he should go to Touro with a scholarship?  Personally I think his job prospects, in IP or anything else for that matter, would be far greater if he went to Seton Hall.  That was what his question asked and that is the answer.

Bickering about objectively what your chances are is irrelevant.  You have provided the schools you are interested in as well as what your goals are and you have only asked what gives the best chance. 

The answer is obviously Seton Hall. After graduation you will almost certainly practise in New Jersey, but there are far worse places to be.  Yes Newark isn't that great but you are right across the street from train station and the commute shouldn't be that difficult. Pace and Touro are not in the same class as SHU and I know nothing about Syracuse but I have to laugh if you think you will like living in Syracuse better than commuting to Newark.

PS How did you manage to get into Seton Hall and get wait listed at NYLS?  Just so you know NYLS has a really awful reputation, I had a friend who graduated from NYLS summa cum laude and law review and it took her over 18 months to get a "real" legal position.

PPS Never take advice from law professor fanboy/girls they are really quite pathetic.

I had the same choice to make.  I visited both schools and it was very clear to me which one I would prefer (Brooklyn).  They are very very different places so if everything else is equal go and visit and chose which school you prefer.


Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Cardozo $ vs St. John's $$$?
« on: May 12, 2008, 12:05:37 PM »
If you want a Biglaw job recruiters will go deeper into the Cardozo class the St. John's class. I would say if you are really set on a Biglaw position Cardozo would be the obvious choice.  If you are looking for other types of employment past graduation then your calculus may change a bit.  I have visited both and they are incredibly different.  A visit would probably be very beneficial if you haven't gone already.

PS did you consider Brooklyn Law School?

Choosing the Right Law School / Brooklyn Law School class of 2011
« on: May 12, 2008, 08:51:10 AM »
Hey I started a facebook group for incoming students to BLS.  I thought creating a group might help with various transition issues.

Here is the link

BLS students who are not incoming 1L's are more then welcome to join the group.  I am sure us incoming students could benefit from your knowledge/experience.


I was BC undergrad and I have to say that it is really an awesome place to live/ study in. I eventually moved downtown to the south end, while commuting out to Boston College.  I have to say my quality of life here is pretty incredible. Law students seem to be happy and the atmosphere on law campus is collegial.

Cardozo May 1L's, Class of 2011 has to the most good looking people!!

errr that is the funniest comment I have seen on this board for a really really long time.

PS I can't believe you applied to 25 schools. You clearly have what it takes to be an attorney.  I applied to roughly 10 and was ready to gouge out my eyes!

I love Cooley... they rank Brooklyn above Duke and almost equal to Stamford. I can feel my inferiority complex melting away. I can't wait to tell the kids on autoadmit...

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