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I'm re-taking the LSAT in December.

I've already taken Kaplan's prep course & did their higher score guarantee.

I'm trying to change my study habits & just do everything differently this time around because.....well I have to.

I can tell you my BIGGEST weakness is Logical Reasoning. For some reason, I make the same stupid mistakes over & over again! This is what's killing my score!

I have no problem with games surprisingly and RC is so-so- depending on my mood.

I still have all my Kaplan books & all my Powerscore books.

I was thinking of just re-doing all the Kaplan homework over again. I guess my main question here is how can I go about this a totally different way.  I need to change this up.

That's good to know. That's where I was planning to take it.  There or John Marshall anyway.

Yes, I've seen that kaplan test rater site before & I don't think it's accurate either.

I don't know if there's a thread, but FWIW: I took the June test at Northwestern Law and had a great experience.  The Kaplan test rater ( is somewhat misleading because some of the reviews are for NU in Evanston, which is not so great.  But I'd definitely test at NU LS again.  If nothing else, it will give you an excuse to check out their campus, which is gorgeous.   ;D

Hi everyone,

I'm taking the exam in December and looks like I'll be in Chi-town during that time. Is there a list here of all the test centers in Chicago (rated & such) where I take the exam?


Is there a special tab that I can post this question here?

Thanks in advance.

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