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Thanks everyone. :) It seems like my problems are going back to the conclusion. :-\

Thanks everyone. :)

First of all, I have to say that writing my own explanations (like you all advised) for why the right answer is right & the wrong answers are wrong has really made think and do things differently this time around. It's definitely a lot harder to do than just reading Kaplan's explanations.

Ugh....tell me there's still some logical reasoning hope for me in these 2 months I have left. :-[

Here's the question:

By examining fossilized beetles, a research team has produced the most detailed description yet of temperatures in Britain over the past 22,000 years. Fossils of species that still exist were selected and dated. When individuals of several species found in the same place were found to date to the same period, the known temperature tolerances of the existing beetle species were used to determine the maximum summer temperature that could have existed at that place & period.

The procedure of the researchers assumes which one of the following?

(A) Beetles can tolerate warm weather better than cold weather.
(B) Fossils of different species found in the same place belonged to different period.
(C) The process of dating is more accurate for beetles than for other oragnisms.
(D) The highest actual summer temperature at a place & period equaled the average of the highest temperatures that could have been tolerated by each of the beetle species found there & dated to that period.
(E) The temperature tolerances of the beetle species did not change significantly during the 22,000-year period.

The answer is E but I chose B & I couldn't even tell you why! :-\

And can someone explain what the 2nd sentence means??

Actually the question was directed at you too Brad Pitt. ;)

Oh thank you guys!!! :-*

I have another one that's been troubling me......would you mind??

I just don't want to wear out my welcome.

The worst they can do is say no.

Oh thank you guys!!! :-*

I have another one that's been troubling me......would you mind??

I just don't want to wear out my welcome.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: February 1996 LSAT - Game 3
« on: September 30, 2008, 08:19:02 PM »
Ugh....I remember this game very vividly.  I hated it. >:(  It was the only game out of all 4 that I didn't get.

And you're right about there being no explanations for this game section.


Does any one know how to set-up Game 3 from the February 1996 LSAT? The logic game deals with professors, instructors, and lecturers. I was pretty lost when it came to making deductions and creating an effective set-up.

Any suggestions/comments would be great. Thanks.

Makes sense! Thank you guys.  And girls. :)

How do you know that it's a necessary assumption Q? I mean I know with words like "required," "depends upon," and so forth- it's obvious but how about w/this question stem?

Ok, I'm annoyed here. (A) is the correct answer but I chose (E).

The reforms to improve the quality of public education that have been initiated on the part of suppliers of public education have been insufficient. Therefore, reforms must be demanded by consumers. Parents should be given government vouchers with which to pay for their children's education and should be allowed to choose the schools at which the vouchers will be spent. To attract students, academically underachieving schools will be forced to improve their academic offerings.

The argument assumes that

(A) in selecting schools parents would tend to prefer a reasonable level of academic quality to greater sports opportunities or more convenient location.
(B) improvement in the academic offerings of schools will be enforced by the discipline of the job market in which graduating students compete
(C) there is a single best way to educate students
(D) children are able to recognize which schools are better & would influence their parents' decisions
(E) schools would each improve all of their acacdemic offerings & would not tend to specialize in 1 particular field to the exclusion of others.

I was able to easily cross off B, C & D.

But when I found out (A) was the right answer, I was like what?? :-\  Where did sports opportunities & a more convenient location even come from??! There's no hint of that in the stimulus! How do we even know what the parents of these kids want. We just know that they can choose their kids school w/these gov't vouchers!

I realized I struggled w/this when I corrected my answers & I was writing reasons for the correct & incorrect answers. When I came to this one, I was blank on reasons.

Help please! :-[

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Patterns in test
« on: September 29, 2008, 12:15:16 AM »
Geez....stressed out much?? :-\

Ooh there are many. Most are outlined in two books, the PowerScore Bibles (possibly even three, I haven't read the RC Bible). Many are outlined in other books -- you know, by those companies called Kaplan, Princeton Review, etc. -- I think they're called "test prep" materials.

You might consider flipping through the pages of one or two of these. Maybe?

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Pithypike's Complete LSAT Study Guide
« on: September 28, 2008, 06:10:07 PM »
Just found it. Never mind. ::)

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Pithypike's Complete LSAT Study Guide
« on: September 28, 2008, 06:05:20 PM »
Thank you eslite119.  I have one last question.  Is that what the book is called? I'm sure I can get it at the library if I knew the proper name for it.

Chigirl, Kaplan's Big Orange book is one of their course materials from the old days (someone correct me if I'm wrong).  The book organizes the questions (LG, RC, and LR) into question types, has some old PTs on the back, and Kaplan's explanations to the questions covered in the book.

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