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Who is GillestheGreat?

I'm actually not sure. I was taken in by "theGreat"....j/k.

Seriously though, I noticed that he/she is in the class of Penn 07, and if that is the case, I want to hear from them.

Dear GillestheGreat,
I thought I would ask these questions publicly for the benefit of all. Hopefully that is Ok.

For context, I'm going to a top US law school this year (not quite as high up the rankings as Penn, but almost), and according to the employment stats, as long as I am in the top half of the class I should have no trouble getting a top paying job...(well, that is if I were an American...for me, I'm not sure, hence the post). questions for you are, "What distinctions were there between you and your classmates if any, as you progressed through the law school journey as a Canadian? And would you mind sharing with us your experiences through the various stages, and addressing anything else we need to know?"

Please include:
- first summer work and what possibilities were available to you (between 1L and 2L)
- the interview process (especially how firms responded to you being a Canadian, and what they were looking for from you that would cause them to hire you over an American)
- intership outcomes (between 2L and 3L)
- final employment outcome (do you still pay Canadian taxes, and does your visa restrict you?)
- anything else you think is of key importance for us.

(Anyone else who is in a similar position to GillestheGreat, please feel free to contribute, and by similar position I mean the Class of 2007 or graduating soon).


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