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How is everyone planning on paying their bills and normal day to day expenses in law school? Given that we are "non-traditional" students, many of us have families and other expenses that traditional students may not have. Is the standard practice for those of us in our situtation to live in a ghetto while living off loans and the income of our spouses/partners? Are there other ways of making it through this time without living in poverty? I do not want to seem negative and I am just trying to realistically trying to figure out how I am going to go to law school and make sure that the needs of my family are met at the same time. FYI- I am married with two sons (7 and 8 years old). Thanks.

I have accepted to UDC with the condition that I attend the MEPAS summer program. Does anyone have any info on this program (costs, experiences)? Thank you.

I don't know if the original poster still reads this forum or not.  BUT...I just finished my first year of law school and want to encourage all "non-traditionals" to give it a try.  I wound up in the top 8% of my class and am 33 with twin boys.  You can't think that life (kids, house, etc.) will hold you back.  I believe non-traditionals have an advantage simply because the non-traditionals appreciate the experience and understand the dedication required.  If law school is your dream, go for it, work hard, and don't let fear of failure hold you back!

Smack, congrats on a great first year. Just out of curiosity, did you have to relocate to attend school? If so, how was that experience for you and your family? Did you have to sell your house? Thanks.

My family and I willl have to relocate in order for me to attend law school in the fall. We already have a beautiful home that we love at the beach. Given the current market conditions should we try to sell it or try and find a way to keep it? Can you get enough student loans to pay for a mortgage for 3 years on top of everyday living expenses??? This is something we are struggling with and I may not go to law school because of it. Thanks for any input if you may be experiencing something similar.

I know these are not the most popular schools around but my options are limited. Can anyone share real experiences regarding these schools? Thanks.

Appalachian / Why does everyone hate Appalachian?
« on: May 31, 2008, 06:22:19 AM »
It seems that most people on these forums do not like Appalachian and tell people "do not go there" but do not give specific reasons as to why. Obviously it is a small school, in a small town, but other than obvious reasons, can someone share real experiences both good and bad about the school? Thanks.

What are your thoughts on these small schools? Any inside info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

North Carolina Central / LIFE @ NCCU?
« on: April 26, 2008, 08:00:46 PM »
How is life at NCCU? I know that the campus is not in the best of neighborhoods. Is there decent housing and jobs close by for spouses? How is the overall experience there? I just got accepted and appreciate any info. Thanks.

District of Columbia / HOW IS LIFE AT UDC??
« on: April 26, 2008, 07:58:20 PM »
Just got accepted and looking for some info. I am from the area and a familiar with the Metro area, just not UDC. How is the overall experience? How about housing? I want to avoid commuting and stay at least within the beltway as close to campus as possible. Thanks for any info.

Appalachian / Appalachian Experience????
« on: April 18, 2008, 10:17:10 PM »
I tried posting this once and it did not go through.....hopefully it will this time.

I just got accepted to Appalachian and was hoping to get the scoop from current and/or former students?

How is it living in Grundy, especially for families?
Would you recommend going there?
What did you like/dislike?


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