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Studying for the LSAT / Re: Stuck on Conditional Reasoning...
« on: April 22, 2008, 12:22:13 PM »

Great freakin' post!  Hahahaha!  I feel like my Medulla oblongata is a 1.0 version like an old Commodore 64.  Your post totally brightened my day!

I have to say, that picture of Monica Belluci is the best part of this discussion ;-)

FIU has a good reputation within the State of Florida, but UF, FSU, Miami and Stetson are ranked higher than FIU.  Mr. Jones, if you were being serious, please explain your reasons.  Thank you.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Any comments on these schools?
« on: April 22, 2008, 11:08:07 AM »
Yeah, I've heard FAMU is shaky but with its low tuition cost, it is tempting.  I just received an acceptance letter from FIU, which was T3 last year but got bumped to T4 this year.  Again, their tuition is very low at around $6500 for p/t students.

Valparaiso still intrigues me though.  It's been around for a while and looks to be one of the most respected T4 schools.  I'm just turned-off by their horrendous curve, location and job prospects.

UALR and Loyolar-NO interest me alot because of their rankings, programs and clinics, and good transfer rates if I can do it.

Prize Fight Promoter,

Please respond to my posting above.  I am interested in your comments.......

I understand what you are saying and appreciate your comments.  I have taken the LSATs twice and also a Princeton Review course back in the day.  For some reason, my mind becomes like Homer Simpson on standardized tests.  Shoot, I got an 860 on the SAT's but graduated near the top of my class in high-school!  This is why NYU waived the GRE's for me when I applied for their MPA program.  Why can't law school do that?  Hahahaa, I wish!

I have included a statement to all of the law schools regarding my "performance anxiety" on the standardized tests but all of the T1-T2 schools I applied too just brushed it off.  It's a shame that everything I have accomplished in life is pretty much flushed down the toilet due to a 3 hour exam.  I do understand the test's importance, but it should not be used as an end-all each and every time.

I see your point, but you're basing one's success on 2.5/145?  I graduated college with only a 3.30 and a 147 on the LSAT.  But I graduated cum laude, National Honor's Society, summa cum laude from NYU (MPA), worked as a director for a US Senator for 2 years, over 4 years of working in BigLaw as a project manager/senior paralegal, speak three languages , lived overseas and I can eat a whole pizza in about 10 minutes (hehehe). 

Because of my atrocious LSAT score, which will limit me to a T3/T4 school, should I be shut out of a legal education?  Will everything I accomplished in life be totally negated because of a 3 hour exam?  Does my low LSAT score, and ultimately T3/T4 education, define my abilities and capability to achieve success?

I am the first to admit that attending a T3/T4 poses obstacles, but what the hell in life doesn't?  And by the way, I have worked with plenty of T3/T4 grads and laterals at BigLaw (i.e. Skadden and Cadwalader). 

I think proposing to wipe out the T3/T4's is absolutely asinine and only reflects how deeply entrenched elitism is in our profession.

Thank you very much!

Since my LSAT score is below freezing, I have received zilch, which is all the more reason to pursue a public university. 

Regarding you be Canadian, I work with a recent graduate of McGill Law School here at a BigLaw firm.  He really loves his hockey!  Hehehe


That was one of the best posts I have read on here in a long time.  Well said!


Thank you so much for your response.   It's nice to see someone respond who's in the same boat as I am and doesn't talk down to me like I am such 2 year old playing with blocks!  Hahahaha.

I have come to the same conclusions as you have regarding the schools I've listed.  Regarding my own personal situation, I do have an MPA from NYU but have been working in law firms in public finance securities (i.e. tender option bonds) for the last five to six years.  My school loan debt is already fairly high from both undergrad and NYU so costs will become a major factor.  Therefore, I think FIU is the front runner for me in Florida since the in-state tuition is incredibly low and I can live at home with the parents (that should be interesting).

I am still waiting on the following schools:

3 more T3's: Loyola-New Orleans, Akron, Arkansas-Little Rock

2 more T4's: Duquesne and New England

1 more T2: Louisville

Oh yes, my numbers are 147/3.30.  I wrote a great statement about my historically low standardized test scores and how they've not predicted low academic performance.  Some schools have bought it, others have not.

What are your numbers and where else are you applying?

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