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Boy am I glad I found this forum.  I am 32 and have put off law school for many years.  I actually went to NYU graduate school and obtained an MPA because I thought I wanted to go into government management.  But I figured it's now or never to pursue this so here I am :-)

I also recommend achieving the best score possible on the LSAT.  I didn't score too well and will retake again in June.  But so far I've been accepted to many T3/T4s but don't want the stress or risk of trying to transfer after the first year.  If I score better, I'll hold off going in the fall and reapply to better schools for 2009.  So give it your all, think smart, plan accordingly, and you'll be just fine :-)  GOOD LUCK!


Interesting post.  Our academic scores are almost identical and I will most likely be following in a similar path with either a T3 or T4 school.  What school are you currently in and what school are you applying to, if you don't me asking?  Thanks!

Job Search / Re: Interested in working in Bangkok, Thailand
« on: April 22, 2008, 09:07:44 PM »
I have definitely done my research but was hoping to find someone who is familiar with landing a summer gig or junior associate spot out there.  It is my understanding that most of the firms out there only accept law students between their 2nd and 3rd years, and then after graduation, I would have to sweat it out here at a US firm for a few years before making it out there with the same firm.  Was hoping to find someone who has already done it or knows someone else who has "reached the promise land."  HAHA! 

Every Western attorney I met out there (in both Bangkok and Hong Kong), whether at a law firm or in-house (those are some serious sweet jobs!), love it because they are not only making great $$$ but their personal lives are rich with happiness and balance.  My Chinese friend, who is in-house at Goldman in Hong Kong, flies to the beaches in Thailand, Indonesia or Vietnam for the weekend!  I advise anyone who has yet to trek all the way out there to do so someday and you'll truly understand what I am talking about.

Job Search / Re: Interested in working in Bangkok, Thailand
« on: April 22, 2008, 08:55:46 PM »
Yes, very committed.  I have spoken with several Managing Partners at some of the biggest law firms over there and they are all doing what I am here, but their clients are more HSBC, Standard Chartered, etc.  However, a major result of the growing Thai economy is that their banks are becoming major players within the entire Asian investment community.  I have seen Goldman, SocGen, Morgan and many other banks begin to tap into Thailand and other SE Asian markets.  And sadly, because of the major growth out there and the crappy situation here, Asian gains are basically subsidizing the enormous losses here in the US.  But that's another discussion :-) 

It's definitely an exciting region to be in.

I lived in Bangkok for 4 months and it is really changed over the last two years.  Major construction, renovations, general infrastructure improvements while also seeing an amazing economic growth rate which is predicted to continue for at least 2-3 more years.

I love Bangkok because of the people, the weather, it's close proximity to Hong Kong and the rest of Asia.  The people there are just really chill, value the simple things in life and the beaches make anything in the US look like a garbage dump ;-)  So why not strive to land a BigLaw job in one of the coolest places on earth? If I am going to work long hours, I'd rather do it out there.

Job Search / Re: Interested in working in Bangkok, Thailand
« on: April 22, 2008, 08:44:24 PM »
I was expecting comments like yours so it doesn't annoy me at all and I won't even waste my time addressing it. 

For the other poster, yes, I have over 6 years of experience in fixed-income securities transactions ranging from tender option bonds to interest-rate Swaps.

Fair enough and I appreciate your response. 

Job Search / Interested in working in Bangkok, Thailand
« on: April 22, 2008, 02:15:09 PM »
I posted this question in another forum but not sure it was the right location.

Anyways, after living overseas for a while I am absolutely in love with Asia. I spoke with several Managing Partners at some of the biggest international law firms in Bangkok and they all informed me to attend a US law school.  Bangkok is booming (quiet, no jokes!) as many banks and corporations are setting up shop there with a steady 6-8% annual growth rate.

I would like to end up working in Bangkok (or even Hong Kong perhaps) for one of the major BigLaw firms out there.  Any thoughts from the LSD crowd?

I read this forum from beginning to end and I laughed my ass off!  Not that you got rejected, but by your responses.  Hahaha :-)

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