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use three fingers

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General Board / Re: "Right To Bear Arms"
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Yet statistics on gun-related deaths show that this Hollywood-cultivated dichotomy bears little relation to reality for most gun-related homicides, in that many homicides are the result of impulsive actions taken by individuals who have little or no criminal background and who are known to the victims. Almost half of all murders (two-thirds of which were committed with guns) are committed by an acquaintance or relative of the victim. More than a quarter of all women murdered were killed by boyfriends or husbands. Arguments precipitate 32% of all murders. Only 21% of murders result from the commission fo felonies such as arson, robbery, and the like... The good guy/bad guy myth evaporates when most murders are examined. 

Very good point quantum!

General Board / Re: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea
« on: April 17, 2008, 11:03:12 AM »

[...] String theory basically pretends it isn't there. [...]

String theory is quite interesting; it makes the string one of the main objects of study. A string is an object with a one-dimensional spatial extent, unlike an elementary particle which is zero-dimensional, or point-like. By postulating this one-dimensional structure, many desirable features of a more fundamental theory of physics automatically emerge. Most notably, almost any theory of strings consistent with quantum mechanics must also contain quantum gravity, which had not been described consistently prior to string theory.

Strings can be either open or closed. A closed string is a string that has no end-points, and therefore is topologically equivalent to a circle. An open string, on the other hand, has two end-points and is topologically equivalent to a line interval. Not all string theories contain open strings, but every theory must contain closed strings, as interactions between open strings can always result in closed strings. The oldest superstring theory containing open strings was type I string theory.

Since its birth as the dual resonance model which described the strongly interacting hadrons as strings, the term string theory has changed to include any of a group of related superstring theories and larger frameworks such as M-theory, which unite them. A shared property of all these theories is the holographic principle. String theorists have not yet completely described these theories, nor have they determined if or how these theories relate to the physical universe. The elegance and flexibility of the approach, however, and a number of qualitative similarities with more traditional physical models, have led many physicists to suspect that such a connection is possible. In particular, string theory may be a way to "unify" the known natural forces (gravitational, electromagnetic, weak nuclear and strong nuclear) by describing them with the same set of equations, as described in the theory of everything. (BTW, Theory of everything (TOE) is a hypothetical theory of theoretical physics that fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena. Initially, the term was used with an ironic connotation to refer to various overgeneralized theories. For example, a great-grandfather of Ijon Tichy a character from a cycle of Stanisław Lem's science fiction stories of 1960s was known to work on the "General Theory of Everything". Over time, the term stuck in popularizations of quantum physics to describe a theory that would unify or explain through a single model the theories of all fundamental interactions of nature. There have been many theories of everything proposed by theoretical physicists over the last century, but none have been confirmed experimentally. The primary problem in producing a TOE is that the accepted theories of quantum mechanics and general relativity are hard to combine.)

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« on: April 17, 2008, 10:33:02 AM »

[...] In fact, his biggest "policy proposals" have been largely squabbles with other candidates. When he said that he would meet with leaders of rogue states like Iran and North Korea, [...]

Oh please stop this Iran and North thing..

General Board / Re: What can you do to push and motivate yourself?
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Tagging the thread, oliver? Or you just did not make it to post what you wanted to? Just curious, you know :)

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