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Thomas M. Cooley / Re: Thomas Cooley Students
« on: April 10, 2008, 03:34:05 PM »
like i said, i understand the complexities of what school you go to.  And im not misguided to the understanding that a bigger named school will open better opportunities.  maybe where we are missing is, im talking about those douchebags that want to clown people for going to cooley versus not going at all.  the inference is that those people.....and you have inferred it yourself, that people that go are flawed, not as good, made poor decisions and will continue to, and that the school is so terrible, that people wonder why its even open.  this line of thinking only stems from its liberal admissions policy and its high attrition rate.

my biggest point unless i wasnt making it clear enough, is telling people (regardless of what events in life caused them to have to go to cooley) that are going, that they would be better off not going at all.  thats complete SH*T!   those people that cannot go anywhere else will go, suffer the BS that people like most of you will have inferred about them (us) and its your bias against people that are going to go there, that makes it so hard for people from cooley to get jobs.  Say you T1 dudes on your first day, not only get a job at BigLaw, but they make you President in charge of hiring other grads.  Without ever even working a day as a practicing attorney, but you are given the task of hiring 10 new law grads.   what do you do?   say you get a pool of 50 grads.   all the HLS grads are at the bottom of their classes.  all the YLS grads are pretty close in their respective classes, and all the cooley grads are in top 25%.    15/15/20 respectively.    two HLS and YLS grads are at the top of their classes, yet they want to practice tax law only and you are a criminal law firm (whatever?)   

are you still biased against cooley because they are cooley grads and you hold the belief that they are worse than the worse of anywhere else...mind you that you have never worked a day in your life.

if so, then you are the reason the trend is what it is.   Big named schools do nothing in the real world.   its the individual.  HLS or YLS might open a hell of a lot of doors, but if the kat given the opportunity doesnt measure up, then whats his worth?   and the next guy?  is that person given more rope to hang himself because he is a HLS grad?    that HLS grad might be a better attorney, might not be.   you dont know that.   so although i will never go to HARVARD..but at the same time, maybe i could..i didnt apply there, i do know that if i was given the opportunity, I would do just as good as the person that is there now.   

the flaw in your argument (hahaha  how you like them apples) is that you all think that regardless of opportunity, cooley law grads or students couldnt handle HLS.    and since HLS doesnt give people like myself the opportunity, this is an argument that will never be disproved.

Thomas M. Cooley / Re: Thomas Cooley Students
« on: April 10, 2008, 11:34:43 AM »
you are not getting my point.   im not talking about the resume.  if thats the case, then lets leave HLS out..and insert whatever T2 school.    same issue applies.  basically you are saying that not only the quality of the education is better (and im not saying that its not necessarily) but say all of the fundamentals are taught at each school.  The grading is subjective of course, but the information is fundamentally the same.  the only difference is the perceived quality of the students based upon their undergrad grades and lsat score...(lsat score to me is the only applicable evaluation tool)  and their family name...sometimes. 

I went to school in japan growing up. (i am american)  our education was 100000000% better than any in american public school and most private.  If a kid grows up in a private school, gets good grades like most kids should, their parents pay out the ass for it, then get a good recommendation to a top notch school.  go thru and since they dont have any life issues to have to worry about because their parents set them up (cant complain about that, wish i had that).  they did good at school like they should have, then with good named school that they probably didnt have to pay for themselves, and average grades...3.5+  they are able to get into HLS because their pops or moms is a professional and is able to surround that kid with people that can help him score really the tutors in the Firm that helped TC pass the bar.   

now you tell me how that student is Better than a kid that went to a state school...busted his ass, but has a kid and had to work 40+ hours a week.  made good grades in college, but it took him a little longer because of family obligations.  took lsat, and scored eeehh..a 160 or 164    for whatever reason that dude has to go to cooley.   they are giving him money and he still has to work, but the amount of money he is getting enables him to work only parttime and still be able to take care of his fam.     

the second dude is garbage?    the first guy is inherently better?    the first dude who doesnt have mommy and daddy around doesnt do as good, but still finishes with a 2.3 and the other dude finishes with a 3.7.     

ok the people doing the hiring also came from the same background as the first guy, so they hire him.   the second guy finishes in the top 3% of his class.  but he doesnt come from ease like the first guy.   he also applies to the place.  he isnt hired because he is a worker bee.

does that make the second guy inherently worse than the first guy?  are you telling me that a 3.7 is not better than a 2.3?  are you telling me that the first guy getting the 2.3 could make a 4.0 at cooley?  are you telling me that the 3.7 guy couldnt do that at harvard?   

i know the school name is key.  and i never said that i wont transfer a professional, so i understand the complexities of where you did your well aware.  but what i have a problem with is those people that are posting on webforums all over the web that never went to cooley, are in T1 schools, and douchebagishly talk about how what they are or where they go is better than even attending in the first place.   anyone that says that is a moron in my opinion!  point blank.  flame me all you like. but the fact remains, if you have never lived a life, then you will never understand that sometimes life throws you a curve.   if you are 20 or 24 or whatever and have never done or accomplished anything but making a turd that is so long that you take a picture of it or you have to call your friends so they can see it....then i feel sorry for you.   you do people a disservice by telling people that their school will suck so much that you might as well not even go.   maybe someone should have told your parents that they shouldnt have had sex because their kid was going to grow up and be a feminine hygiene product!     neither deal with the decision or mistake that people made. 

I will be at cooley in a few weeks.  i will from day one be politic-ing all over the world because i know how.  If the consensus is that i need to leave, then i will.  if i feel like the quality of my education is garbage compared to my peers at other schools, then i will leave.   if you are looking at the school that gets you a job the easiest, then you deserve that easy ass job.  I on the other hand will be doing  ACTUAL work.  I speak 4 languages.   does that make your harvard law degree better than ME?  nope.  does it not...nope either.

just check yourself is all im saying.    because unless you are actually doing the hiring, you arent saying sh*t!

Thomas M. Cooley / Re: Thomas Cooley Students
« on: April 10, 2008, 09:31:23 AM »
The point i'm making is like everything, if you are unhappy and dont like lt, LEAVE.  Maybe I look at things a little different than all of you that are whining, or talking sh*t!  I do not plan to fail.  I know its a reality that i will have to address, but for those of you that either have been there and left, or have never been there, and are reveling in the fact that you are at a T1 school, are really talking out the side of your ass.  If you are warning us, yet know that we are already there, then whats the point of talking sh*t?    We are there!

I dont know about you all, but I dont go into anything thinking im going to fail.  I study my ass off, and I ALWAYS get the results I desire if i put my everything into it.  (and no it wasnt $10k a year for 8 years!!  I reread that and yea i laughed too!)   All of you that are so-called "looking out for our best interests" we thank you.....or some of them thank you, as for me, equating a liberal admissions policy doesn't necessarily mean poor quality of education.  You telling me that if everyone at harvard that came in getting a 4.0 and scored 177 on lsat  but finished with a 2.3 gpa  is better than a cooley grad that finished with a 3.5 but scored a 159 lsat and came in with a 2.9gpa?     The knock-out lap of the first year is just that, they came, they saw, they were conquered!  the other 2/3s are what at that point, tougher garbage?   thats BS.  telling people, that their worth is based upon the school they attended is just like the people that i have needed to train over the years, many of which attended BIG time schools.  They still are people, and they still needed me!   I have a past, i had my own company for 7 years, and I have a personality and can negotiate damn near anything.  If i listened to people like many of you, i probably wouldnt have even gone to college!   So as they say about opinions being just like assh*oles..everyone has one.    If after my first year of politic-ing I see that my attendance there is going to be a huge problem, then I'll leave.   (let me worry about my money situation and debt situation...sounds like i have mine handled better than many of you)   But in the mean time, unless you all are hiring attorneys and not merely posters on a forum, talking as if yoou truly know what the hell you are all talking hard and pray to god that you never get me in the courtroom.   As a trainer, you can tell the performance of a man by how much BS they talk...trying to make opinion into fact.

Thomas M. Cooley / Re: Thomas Cooley Students
« on: April 09, 2008, 10:32:31 PM »
Tell you what, people will hate, people will be grateful....the basic point is where are you?  I was accepted to a few schools.  I found out about Cooley's negatives AFTER I applied.  By and large, my undergrad was not the best, but mine was for reasons not related to screwing up in class.  Death of my Fiance pretty much screwed up my head, especially when it happened the sunday before school started.

I am/was a Banker and for the last 8 or 11 years, I have made well over $100k.  so money doesnt really motivate me like it might the t1 grad that everyone is talking about.  Its the task at hand.  Since I accepted Cooley and decided to go, I have been looking more and more at the negatives.  If it gets insane, meaning, the schools is not deserving of me and my money, then I will Transfer!  Those of you that do go to the t1 school that wants to hate, feel free.  But understand that most people that I have met that have gone to Ivy league schools couldnt look up without swallowing their tongues or drowning on their spit! 

I dont plan on working in the US anyways, and I have money, so my skills are what im worried about.  If someone could say something constructive about the actual education offered being terrible, then ill listen, but all I hear is people that either never went there, never made it, or loved it.     and of the first two, all i hear is you wont get a job, or your money will be low.   nothing about "Im a KILLER in the RING!!"    so since all i hear is whining, i think it will be ok.

if the average GPA is 2.3 and the class sizes are high in L1...then i would assume that the best place would be among those that are keeping the avg high..n'est pas?

so for those of you giving positives...thanks...ill be there in lansing this may08.

you never know until you try, and if you dont try, you'll fail, and if you fail, you no different than where you are now anyways...right?     SO DONT FAIL!

simple as that!


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