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Job Search / Federal Judge internship vs. Law firm (Summer Job 1L)?
« on: March 03, 2008, 03:59:21 PM »
I got into a 1L diversity clerkship program that guarantees me a job for the summer (I have a 2nd round of interviews with law firms and employers the likes of which include Dorsey & Whitney and Medtronic). However, one of my connections back home got me an interview with a Federal District Court Judge (Western New York, where I live) and there is a strong possibility he may offer me the opportunity to intern with him during the summer (he already expressed an inclination at least). Before I interview with the judge this week, I had several concerns:

(1) If I could only choose one, is working for a law firm or interning with the judge a better option as a 1L? (I've been told 1L jobs can be pretty lame and unfulfilling. Granted I do get paid, that isn't an overriding concern. (FYI, I interned at the DOJ as an undergrad so I had something to write about beforehand)

(2) I have considered trying to see if certain firms I am interviewing with might entertain a split summer and then possibly do the 2nd half with the judge. Is this a good idea to even entertain? WOuld I be better off just sticking with one or the other for 10-12 weeks?

(3) What exactly do judicial interns do? I know that clerks are the real people judges consult in writing and researching opinions, but will I be doing anything substantive? Will future employers look more strongly on one experience over the other?

Thanks in advance.

Current Law Students / Law Review "prep"?
« on: January 30, 2008, 07:53:17 PM »
Hi there,

I was wondering if there were any books/materials that could help improve one's writing techniques for law school, perhaps something geared toward writing Law Review or other journals even. I figured practice makes perfect so might as well try to start improve my writing now. Thanks.

Transferring / 3.47 @ Top 25...Advice?
« on: January 26, 2008, 10:55:45 AM »
I go to UMinnesota. Got a 3.47 this semester (1 A, 3 B+'s). Thought I did better, but I'm satisfied. I worked hard this past semester and intend to up my GPA more. We don't have any class rank so I have no idea where I am relative to others (1L's are curved around a 3.0 average for each class and at the end of the year we are told which quartile we are in). I graduated from a Top 10 Ugrad with a science/math degree (3.2 gpa), 165 LSAT, do weekly legal volunteering, good amount science tutoring on the side. I'm also Asian Indian (may not matter, but i figure I'd include that since diversity seems to be relevant sometimes).

For the record, I don't have a problem with Minneapolis and wouldn't mind staying here, but (A) I'm pretty far out of state and prefer cities as it is (not to mention this place is TOO f'ing cold!) (B) would like a direct flight home to see my family more often and (C) am interested in doing a federal judicial clerkship and maybe even teaching at some point in the future and, from what I understand, it helps to graduate from more a "prestigious" university.  I KNOW that some of you may take issue with that last statement, but, quite frankly,I don't care so please just save the argument for later. Right now, all I care about is :

(1) What are my chances of transferring to schools like Georgetown, UPenn, Columbia, NYU, Berkeley, etc? Are some schools just plain unlikely (i.e. Stanford, Harvard)? And please no simple "good/bad" replies, I would appreciate at least some stats or testimonials to help me understand where I stand.

(2) Are there any factors besides GPA that may matter or that have helped set you apart from the crowd? 

(3) Anything else I should know about (i.e. about application process, letters of recommendation)?

Thanks in advance.

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