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Incoming 1Ls / Taking the bar in another state than your school is in?
« on: April 11, 2006, 02:30:34 PM »
I'm planning on attending BU but I'm pretty sure i'll be moving back to California afterwards. How hard is it to take the CA bar coming out of BU? Will I have to take the MA bar first, then CA?

 I accepted an invitation (airfare and all paid) to a scholarship weekend and a tier 4 school that i actually thouht i would be interested in at the time. now, after further research and better acceptances, i really don't think there is much they could do to pursuade me to attend, even with the full scholarship. The thing is this weekend, and their deposit deadline is the 1st, which is Saturday.... does this mean they already think i'm set on attending?! This was suposed to be to see the school, there is no way i could give them a deposit by saturday, and im 99.9% sure now that i wont be attending. The thing includes a dinner with the dean, and all that and I don't know what to do! what if they ask me right then and there if i will be attending?!

 So I was going to wait until I have all my decisions so I don't have to bug you all twice  ;D but I'm getting pressure from my dad in one direction. Please read my options and give opinions. Thanks, muah!

Hastings +good school, alumni network, one hour away from home, in-state tuition
         - cost of living, their 24 story elevator makes me sick, those little things
           they call apartments, bad neighborhood, didn't click with the people/students
           at admit day.
Boston U.+ ranked #20, heard it's a really cool place to live, exciting, new, etc.
         - $32k a year, plus cost of living, freaking cold, like 3000 miles away
Loyola Chicago 
         + decently (#68?) ranked, my friend likes it?, oh yeah and #20k/year
           scholarship with 3.0 gpa(i think tuition is like 30) my dad thinks chicago
           is a good place, he wants me to go there cuz of $$, i dont think he realizes
           how much better my other options are. or am i wrong? i have never visited,
           probably will in a couple weeks.
         - freaking cold, kinda far away... well really far away but not as far as
           boston, not good career prospects compared to other options?, not as good
           chance at CA employment post-graduation.
UC Davis... but I haven't been admitted yet! i assume i will? (163/3.9)
         + good weather, cost of living compared to say SF, pretty campus, about 2.5
           hours away from home (friends & immediate family), in-state tuition. By the
           way i'm pretty much decided that I prefer davis to hastings but still
           considering both. esp. since not admitted yet! hehe
         - not as prestegious as BU, um... can't really think of much else now brain
           is pretty much fried from conversation with my dad.
University Arizona... also not admitted yet. hopefully?
         + good ranking (pretty much on par with hastings i think), still has ties to
           southern CA jobs and wouldn't mind living there anyways for a long time,
           LOVE hot weather, LOVE cost of living, cheap new houses, dirt cheap tuition,
           a couple friends in AZ, BF has guaranteed job there (although i dont really
           want to factor that into my decision.)
         - might regret not going to BU for more prestigous school?, my dad is totally
           against it b/c he thinks it's about the BF (it's really not.) My dad seems to
           think that Loyola CH. has such a better rep. than UA.

So I know it sounds like I'm thinking too much about what my dad wants, but he will be giving me probably about $20k over the three years. And I guess I haven't become completely independent from my family in decision making yet (im 20 and do live by myself but still feel like i have to listen to my dad somewhat.) 

I ask because i'm thinking of going to a school that is not the top nubmers/ranked of my choices, and I'm wondering if, after you graduate is where you went everything (besides grades)?

Law School Admissions / Did I totally myess up my chance?
« on: March 22, 2006, 04:23:46 PM »
Last week I sent an email to University of Arizona, expressing continued interest and saying that i would like to consider going there and i've already heard back from most other schools and did they have any idea when or could i check the status etc. (yes i'm rambling with no punctuation) Then today I'm looking through my old emails and realized that I already sent that same person at UA an email just March 1st!!! (asking if I could check my status. She emailed me back and said that my file was waiting to go to committe and that could take another 3-5 weeks.) No wonder she hasn't goten back to me this time! Did I totally screw myself?

Law School Admissions / Withdrawing... make sure?
« on: March 14, 2006, 01:52:31 PM »
 I sent emails last week to withdraw from toledo, indiana, and utah but got no response to indicate that they got it. should i do anything further? i keep getting mail from toledo saying they are delighted i have chosen to attend  ???

Law School Admissions / Getting SO sick of Davis status checker!
« on: March 13, 2006, 04:52:26 PM »
I know there's other threads about this that have quieted down, but i'm really getting sick of it! It's been forever! and i am 3.9/163 so i thought that, being above their averages, I would get in fairly quickly. Anyone else still waiting?

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / In at BU!
« on: March 06, 2006, 02:43:01 PM »
 THis is by far my best acceptance so far! (I think... this is better than UC Hastings right?) SO excited! (I know there's another thread but couldn't find it)

Choosing the Right Law School / withdrawing.... bloomington for now
« on: March 01, 2006, 08:17:56 AM »
 I want to start withdrawing from schools, but so far all I can really for sure eliminate is Indiana Bloomington. How do I do this?

Law School Admissions / I'm a dumby.... financial aid mistake
« on: February 27, 2006, 09:13:49 AM »
 I did the FAFSA on time, but didn't realize that each school wants their own application, and by like tomorrow or the next day! So I'm trying to do them all now, even though I still haven't heard from like 10 of them at least. Do you think they will accept them by fax or need the original. No way are they going to make it anywhere by mail in time if I mail them today or tomorrow.

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