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Current Law Students / Grades?
« on: January 10, 2008, 08:00:11 PM »
I am a 1L at Quinnipiac and recently obtained most of my grades. While I am not failing out (knock on wood), I have hardly done well which leads me to ask a few questions.

First, my grades are as follows. Quinnipiac reccomends that professors grade 1Ls with a B-/C+ curve for middle grades.

In Legal Skills (Research and Writing) I earned a B-

In Crim, I only earned a C+ (but this professor does not follow the grading curve recommendation and is such a tough grader that he gave D's and F's to a third of the class last year, and rumor has it gave no A's this year (he usually gives only one))

In Contracts I earned the only grade I am proud of; an A. However, Contracts is a two semester course and this A represents only 25% of my final grade

In Civ Pro I earned a B- (even though the professor later came up to me and decided to confuse me further by saying that despite the grade mine was one of the best exams he has ever read)

and I am still waiting on Torts but I took a previous practice exam in that course and earned a B-. I feel as though I did much much better than on the practice exam. On the practice exam, I only answered half of the question due to time constraints but on the real one I was able to, as far as I know, answer the entire question.

So this leads me to a few questions.

1. I worked my a$$ off and studied for hours on end, resulting in little success. I thought I understood everything and thought I was doing well. What happened? How can I improve? I just ordered LEEWS and getting to maybe. Are they useful?

2. I am on a merit scholarship renewable at 100% if after my first year I remain in the top 1/3, and at 80% if I remain in the top half. What would you say, given that C+/B- is the average grade, are my chances of keeping my money?

3. How important are first year grades overall? Do students tend to do better as time goes on?  The average grade for 2Ls and 3Ls is a B. A 3.0 is cum laude at my school. What are my chances of obtaining that goal?

4. Am I screwed as far as future jobs since I am at a lower ranked law school and getting crappy grades? How much will they look at the crim grade? do employers recognize that some professors are harsher graders than others and don't take curves into consideration? Given that there were (according to rumor) no As on the crim exam and given that 1/3 failed last year, my grade is not too awful. But how can I get that across to employers down the line? Would legal employers consider at all pre-law school stuff like the fact I was summa cum laude and phi beta kappa in undergrad?

5. How do they consider law school grades as far as further education? I imagine I am probably barred from ever obtaining an LLM but I hope to someday get a PhD in my undergrad field (History/Poli Sci). Would they at all consider my law school grades?

Thank you for your attention on this matter 

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