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Current Law Students / Connecticut or Massachusetts Bar?
« on: May 27, 2008, 04:51:38 AM »
So its not for a while, but I am trying to figure out whether to take the CT or the MA bar. I live in Mass but go to school at Quinnipiac in CT. I prefer Massachusetts a lot more than Connecticut but my school has primarily (even though it is 108 on US News) only regional popularity. However, I live close to Boston so I am closer to that market and generally prefer it to one like Hartford. Getting involved im state politics is also in the back of my mind as a goal someday and think perhaps back in Mass would be more favorable even though I am a political minority (GOP) because I went to a state school for undergrad, went to the public schools there, know people there etc. At the same time though, it is a lot harder to network in Mass since my school caters primarily to CT, NY and NJ. Also, I am on the 4 year track (JD-MBA) and my gf is graduating from college the year before I graduate from law school and we hoped to live together in CT my last year but she doesn't want to find a good job and then pass it up so we can move back to Mass. She also, though, doesn't want to live too far from her parents. At the same time, when I tell her that we should just not live together for the year then if that bothers her she says no and says she wants to live with me. Granted, this living arrangement issue is mostly a short term concern but it is something to consider I suppose.

So how do I determine which bar I should take? Which one seems more favorable?

Current Law Students / Class Rank Site?
« on: May 24, 2008, 04:45:06 PM »
There used to be a site linked on here that would give a general idea of where each graduate was ranked in their class based on their GPA... obviously not too accurate but helpful nonetheless....any idea what the site was? cant seem to find it


Current Law Students / should I sell my books?
« on: May 13, 2008, 10:29:58 AM »
Is there any value in holding onto my old case books, E&Es etc.? I just finished 1L and would like the money/could use the money from them but if they are useful for the bar etc. since it is largely the same material or if they would be at all useful for future practice, i will hold onto them

any advice on whether to sell or hold onto them?

Current Law Students / Starting a new club
« on: April 16, 2008, 07:24:28 AM »
Hi I am ending my 1L year and am planning on doing business law... my school has a few student groups but I really want to start one for business law stuff... any ideas how I would go about doing this? I know nothing about law school administration etc.


Current Law Students / Recommended classes
« on: March 21, 2008, 08:04:18 PM »
I am in the process of figuring out which classes to take for next year (my 2L year)
The school has these core classes: Income tax, administrative law, trusts and estates, evidence, commercial law, and business organizations which they require you to take 4 of (one of which must be tax or commercial) and recommend all 6. I am getting a joint degree with an MBA so am technically on the 4 year plan

I am hoping to work for a firm for a while primarily doing business law but then at some point open up my own office which while having a largely business focus but will take a few other cases now and then (torts, family, etc.) basically general law but with more of a focus on business cases (especially contract issues).

In light of this, which courses would you recommend? I am thinking of trying to keep them mostly business related but if I take one family law class or one medical malpractice at some point--- would that look bad to firms specializing in business law? I am thinking i should take all 6 of the core classes... is that a good idea?

I am thinking of taking for the fall:

Advanced Contracts ("multi-party contracts" mostly-third party beneficiaries, assignment and
delegation, suretyship, negotiability, ius tertii, fraudulent transfer, voidable
preference, security interests, bona fide purchaser, subordination agreement, pure and “pledgeable”
intangibles, and letters of credit.)
2 MBA classes
Trusts and Estates

and for the spring:

business organizations
commercial law
an MBA accounting class (hoping it will also help me with Fed. Income Tax the following fall since I have heard horror stories about that class)
Law and Economics (mostly because it is a huge interest of mine--- is it really just a waste though since it is more philosophical/jurisprudential rather than some classes which seem more clearly substantive?)

Professional Responsibility (required)

any other classes I should consider for the future? should I consider taking IP even though I do not want to be a patent lawyer etc.? I also heard Criminal Procedure is on the bar and it is not required here; there are two upper level classes on it instead; should i take either of them or both, even though I have no desire to be a criminal attorney (save perhaps for white collar defense but there are no white collar crime classes available)?

I am also considering my school's health care compliance certificate since with the JD and MBA it would only be 2 classes extra. I hear it is something very helpful to have particularly with the recent debates on universal health care whether through the govt. directly or the govt. forcing employers to pay their employee insurance bills. I would have to take two health law classes that would count toward both the certificate and the JD... is it a good idea?

Current Law Students / Happy Lawyers?
« on: January 23, 2008, 08:01:22 PM »
I must apologixe for my previous posts... I was just angry and depressed and said those awful fictious statements as a reflection of those feelings. I never was serious nor intended to do such things nor intend to ever do so such things. I apologize to anyone who was offended or hurt by those statements. It was not my intention to do so but instead were a reflection of a momentary case of the common 1L blues expressed in an inappropriate way.

Essentially though my question now is to those who have graduated from law school and practiced law. I am fascinated by what we are learning, especially Contracts, Property and Constitutional, but even Civil Procedure (in how something as seemingly simple as the decision made in Erie v. Tompkins spawns subsequent cases which are difficult issues for the court to examine) and legal skills (especially the oral arguments aspect). Further, I have no problems with any of my law professors. All seem pretty nice, with the possible exception of one who I will never have again. I am also interest in trying to apply what we learn to fact patterns.

However, law school overall is not fun or enjoyable. I don't mind the work but just the excessive competition (mind you normal levels are fine) and stress all to only have it amount to one 2-3 hour test which is in most cases worth the entire course grade. How can I reconcile the fact that I am fascinated with law with the fact I don't really like being a law student? Is it better once law school is over and you are in practice? Anyone here who loves practicing law but didn't really love being a law student?

Current Law Students / Is there anyone I can talk to?
« on: January 11, 2008, 02:36:19 PM »
I am just wondering, since I am not good at administrative messes, if anyone knows if there is generally someone employed at the law school I can talk to about how I am doing etc.? In other words, is there any position at my school that could help me better understand what I can and cannot do based on my grades and how they compare to the other students etc?

Current Law Students / Grades?
« on: January 10, 2008, 08:00:11 PM »
I am a 1L at Quinnipiac and recently obtained most of my grades. While I am not failing out (knock on wood), I have hardly done well which leads me to ask a few questions.

First, my grades are as follows. Quinnipiac reccomends that professors grade 1Ls with a B-/C+ curve for middle grades.

In Legal Skills (Research and Writing) I earned a B-

In Crim, I only earned a C+ (but this professor does not follow the grading curve recommendation and is such a tough grader that he gave D's and F's to a third of the class last year, and rumor has it gave no A's this year (he usually gives only one))

In Contracts I earned the only grade I am proud of; an A. However, Contracts is a two semester course and this A represents only 25% of my final grade

In Civ Pro I earned a B- (even though the professor later came up to me and decided to confuse me further by saying that despite the grade mine was one of the best exams he has ever read)

and I am still waiting on Torts but I took a previous practice exam in that course and earned a B-. I feel as though I did much much better than on the practice exam. On the practice exam, I only answered half of the question due to time constraints but on the real one I was able to, as far as I know, answer the entire question.

So this leads me to a few questions.

1. I worked my a$$ off and studied for hours on end, resulting in little success. I thought I understood everything and thought I was doing well. What happened? How can I improve? I just ordered LEEWS and getting to maybe. Are they useful?

2. I am on a merit scholarship renewable at 100% if after my first year I remain in the top 1/3, and at 80% if I remain in the top half. What would you say, given that C+/B- is the average grade, are my chances of keeping my money?

3. How important are first year grades overall? Do students tend to do better as time goes on?  The average grade for 2Ls and 3Ls is a B. A 3.0 is cum laude at my school. What are my chances of obtaining that goal?

4. Am I screwed as far as future jobs since I am at a lower ranked law school and getting crappy grades? How much will they look at the crim grade? do employers recognize that some professors are harsher graders than others and don't take curves into consideration? Given that there were (according to rumor) no As on the crim exam and given that 1/3 failed last year, my grade is not too awful. But how can I get that across to employers down the line? Would legal employers consider at all pre-law school stuff like the fact I was summa cum laude and phi beta kappa in undergrad?

5. How do they consider law school grades as far as further education? I imagine I am probably barred from ever obtaining an LLM but I hope to someday get a PhD in my undergrad field (History/Poli Sci). Would they at all consider my law school grades?

Thank you for your attention on this matter 

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