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Job Search / Re: Two Interviewers v. One of me
« on: January 29, 2008, 07:57:39 PM »
If one person is a "character" or monopolizes the conversation, the other attorney may be watching to see how you interact with other people generally or specifically someone strange/difficult/hard-to-get-a-word-in-edgewise with...

Good point.

Yeah, in general I imagined a two on one would be a little more relaxed, especially since three people are able to keep a conversation going more easily than two.  I was just a little wary of why they arranged it this way.  I suppose it's so that I'm not there for eight hours, or however long it would take to talk individually with each of the many attorneys I am scheduled.

Job Search / Two Interviewers v. One of me
« on: January 29, 2008, 01:26:53 PM »
Can anyone who has experienced interviewing with multiple interviewers in one sitting speak to differences they've noticed between this and the more typical one-on-one interview?  I will be talking with pairs of attorneys and wonder if the social dimensions are significantly different.

Current Law Students / Re: puppy in LS/summer
« on: January 25, 2008, 08:36:32 PM »
I absolutely understand the "need" for a dog. They are great companions. And I absolutely love taking walks with my beastie. 

I think that you've given it some thought, which I really respect. Lots of people are too impulsive about taking on a new pet.  They are lured in by the cuteness and they forget about the responsibility that's required.

Kudos to you for recognizing that this is an issue that requires a bit more thought.

Lots of luck finding your new furry friend.

Thanks.  Yeah, I've given the whole thing a lot of thought, and it's only because I want a good environment for the puppy that I haven't gotten one yet.  I am paranoid about the time and effort involved in the whole affair, but I suspect that being cognizant of such concerns means that I will, one way or another, be a decent owner.

Current Law Students / Re: 0L with question about financing law school
« on: January 25, 2008, 08:29:01 PM »
What don't you like about UIUC?  Go there and work for an IP boutique making market rates with less work pressure and stress, while not having to worry as much about paying back loans.  For someone with an EE degree, I don't think the difference between the schools matters at all.  Besides, UIUC is well known in engineering circles (your future clients).  Seriously.  These IP firms will eat up an EE with a good law school name.  Go where it's cheapest.

Current Law Students / Re: puppy in LS/summer
« on: January 25, 2008, 07:11:39 AM »
I would just keep in mind your job search plans for first semester 2L; if you have a puppy at home, you can't board her until she has all of her shots. This means unless you have someone willing to spend the night with him/her, you can't travel for interviews/callbacks.

Agreed.  I have a couple of friends willing to do so.

Current Law Students / Re: puppy in LS/summer
« on: January 24, 2008, 09:12:47 PM »
I appreciate all the responses.  If anyone cares, my conclusion is that I need a dog to get exercise and maintain sanity, and law school's the best time to get one as a puppy, so I'll get one the beginning of 2L year when it has a full year to grow before I work in the summer again.  My family has a history of high cholesterol and I'm living a very sedentary lifestyle right now.  I think the health benefits alone make it worth the time commitment.  I'm not really concerned about costs.  I honestly don't know what people need with all the money SA positions pay, except to pay off LS debt -- which should be paid off in a few years anyway at the market pay rate. 

I may foster a dog or two this semester to get a feel for the breed and to save them from euthanization.

Current Law Students / puppy in LS/summer
« on: January 09, 2008, 08:29:54 PM »
so I've been through a semester of law school and figure I have time to take care of a puppy.  i don't want a cat.  my dilemma is what to do about summer associate positions, and later on, permanent employment.  i guess i could look into finding a professional dog walker, but i don't really like the concept of someone going into my home every day to walk the dog, plus it seems very inefficient to be spending ~$16 per visit for such a service.  furthermore, finding a furnished apartment in a big city that allows large breed dogs seems like it could be a daunting task.

i think i'd be ok with nighttime interruptions and the need to go home between classes for a couple months to walk it and give it attention.  to me, it's worth it.  i've wanted a dog for quite a while (probably 6 years) and i don't think there will be a better time to train a puppy than in law school, when my scheduled work is divided into 2-3 hour segments.  i'm just afraid that having a large dog is going to create some obstacles that I'm not sure how I'll get around (housing, long work days, loneliness potentially leading to misbehavior).  it seems like a lot of people suggest it's easier if you have an SO or roommate.  the irony is that the dog would be a companion replacement for an SO or roommate which i don't have, as it probably is for a lot of people.  i don't want to adopt a dog from rescue as i am interested in getting a particular type of purebred dog.

i guess my issue is if i don't get a dog now, there won't be a better time for it in the future as far as I can see, and i'm extremely reluctant to forego one of the things i think would actually bring me happiness.  so, for anyone out there who thinks they can answer -- is this plausible?  ludicrous?  deadly to my future success?  please advise.

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