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I think this entire thread is misguided.  How one feels about something is a shadow of several interacting inner forces.

For example, Person A loves law school because he/she enjoy the people there, get good grades, or developed some "meaning" out of there lives in the law.

Person B loves law school because they have no loans and will open there own office.

Person C/D loves/hates law school because blah blah.

The thing is, the word "because" can be used to justify any state of mind or existence. So in one sense, person B can hate law school by changing there reaction to its stimulus from a positive one to a negative one.  Instead of looking at no loans, they can focus on lost oppertunies, annoying professors, lack of time, stress,  etc.

Likewise, a state of mind is in no way shaped by reasons or feelings or personalities or statistics, but by attitudes and wills.

One can will there attitude to become X, Y, or Z, as we are free to choose the frame of mind in which we interpret our existence and surroundings. X can be love of law, Y can hatred of it, and Z can be "open."

When this threads asks was is "one still glad?," it assumes that the question can be answered from emotion or experience or reason, but in reality none suffice, since the question can only be answered from one's will.

When a person's will is strong, there surroundings bend to it, even feelings of being glad or sad hold no sway ovr their choice.

For example, Person A hates everything about being a lawyer and law school very much. This person decides he will use his hatred to his advantage, so instead of dwelling on negativity, he will seek to over-come law school. e.g., "Even though I hate this stuff, I'm still going to go through it, suffering is part of life, and my suffering will be a springboard to greatness regardless fo where or why I suffer"

In essence, this question is asking what type of will do you have-- a strong one, a herd-like one, a special one, a bright one, a dark one? I have observed each answer is nonsensical,  but a small few address the root of the question.

That study seems to have captured how I felt throughout law school, even before 1L grades. I'm a 2L.

I came in there really happy and care-free, and loving, and when I left, it as if my soul was crushed and I was transformed into a hedonistic machine. My persona was debased, it was if I was stripped of all my color and life, and redressed ina machinistic black and white. Part of a wayward zebra herd--always in angst. 

This year, to combat this diagnosis of what I define as the essence of terribleness and, I came up with a plan!

first, I will only do the minimal amount of work, the rest I will be chilling. 

Second, I am going out every thursday, friday and saturday, and taking time to spend with my family-- this includes my grandma, uncles and everyone else.

Third, if I don't want to go class, I won't. For example, I did not go to my 1st evidence class today cuz I did not feel like it.

Fourth, I plan on starting my own criminal law office where I will carry my own sense of personal autonomy, instead of becoming corporate bug to be squished at the whim of the market. 

Fifth, "I don't care too much for money, cuz money can't buy me love." In other words,

Napoleon once said, "man's only limit is his ability to love each square inch around him."
I just like to remind myself of this. This is true. -MG

p.s. if anyone needs a criminal lawyer, Holla!

Studying for the LSAT / Re: pt score: 156, any hope for 160's by October
« on: August 16, 2008, 05:46:44 PM »
You could get higher than a 161 or much lower. I got a 169 the week before the LSAT, and when I took it I got a 161. Do not think about your scores, just focus on learning the material and your pacing, and worry about your score after the test.

If I were you, which I can not be, I would practice at least 6 hours a day until october. And if I am not averaging 165+ comfortably by then, I would practice harder for the december exam, and not take the october.

really man, take it from me (2L), LSAT = everything, and you only get two shots, so make sure you give it your all, and then give more, and then even more--

NEVER fall into a position of either fear, panic, comfort or cockiness. This is bad.

There is no luck on that test, there are the skilled and unskilled. The choice is yours.


Current Law Students / Re: advice on which schools to aim for
« on: July 14, 2008, 07:24:45 PM »
Ok I was sorta like in your situation, its not good but should not be seen as bad.

first, you shold listen to yourself, because deep downyou know what is betsfor you.

If I knew your financial situation, your brains, your averages on practice LSAT's I could advise you better.

Here was me --> GPA 3.1 in philosophy and LSAT score of 151.

2 months of goin crazy (8-12 hour studying) --> LSAT 161, GPA 3.3

My belief, if I would have taken a year off to study LSAT would be at 170 or higher.

My mama disagrees with me, but I did average a 169 on a pactice test before the exam. So, you never know!

Further, law school = hard work, lots of stress, little life -- if your young take time to explore and study.
Realistically you should aim for a 170, take a year off (chill/study) and go to a top ten school, and explain your GPA situation in the letter. Rushing blind is never good in law school . 

70% of admissions are based on that test

Current Law Students / A Poll
« on: July 14, 2008, 07:15:25 PM »
hey you guys are realy awesome, just to let you know I love everyone here (yes even the nimwits and playa haters)

I have a qestion disguised as two.

Would it be better to focus on one area of law for my 2L year (e.g. crim law) or suck it all it in from many topics such as intellectual property, business organization, internet law, and so on?

Current Law Students / Re: Some help in choosing classes
« on: July 12, 2008, 12:45:28 AM »
Thank for the feedback so far,

I think I am gong to drop LLC, Agency and partnership

and take fed. crim. Investigations with this crim. law judge on a pass/fail option.

Just another queston, does taking something on a pass/fail option look bad on a transcript?

Also, I would have taken corprations this sesmster, but most of the professors are not that chill, an the only cool one ( he clrked for Blackmun) offers his class at 9 am,TTH, ufortunately those two days I have torts at night, I think it would overstress me doing that. 

Current Law Students / Re: Some help in choosing classes
« on: July 11, 2008, 12:59:20 PM »
Here is my list:

evidence: 4 credits

crim pro 1:  3 credits

Business crimes and corporate litigation: 2 credits

Appellate advocacy: 2 credits

LLC,Agency partnership: 2 credits

Torts: 4 credits

I want to take LLC, since I plan on starting my own firm/partnership 1 year after law school.
The idea of working 12-16 hour for someone else sickens me.

Do you think I am taking too many classes this semester, if anything I could take LLC/Partnership next semester with corporations/ fed. income taxation. That would be 10, and I can throw in a clinic with crim pro II. 

Current Law Students / Re: Some help in choosing classes
« on: July 11, 2008, 12:16:38 PM »

Current Law Students / Some help in choosing classes
« on: July 11, 2008, 12:05:25 PM »
Hi, I want to be a criminal defense attorney, and I have questions.

Q. I'm registered for 17 cedits, should I NOT do this?

Q. I am registered for a 2 credit LLC class, and have not taken corporations, should I NOT do this?

Thats all, all the best. -MG

Current Law Students / Re: Worrying Too Much
« on: June 30, 2008, 06:09:10 PM »
I intern for a lawyer right now, who works as a solo immigration attorney, got a 145 on his lsat and is making 300-400g's and is 34. he got c's b's and 1 a

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