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Firstly, will the results for the October LSAT really be posted no sooner than August 24th, or can we possibly get the results a couple days beforehand? I dont understand why it takes so damn long to process a scantron newayz.  I mean I'd have no problem driving to Newtown PA from Jersey and scoring the sucker myself (I mean, how long would it take? 3 hours!?).

Speaking of which, does anybody know anything about this LSAC building and what in the world goes on in there?  Me and my friend were talking about how great it would be to smoke a blunt with an LSAT author.  I mean, what is their fixation with pesticides and mammillian extinctions all about? 

Also, will 3 weeks without studying for the LSAT be detrimental to my skill?  I dont plan on re-taking this exam, but if I have to I'm going to do it in December.  Will my abilities weaken by that time if I dont study now? (I mean, I have 17 credits to worry about!)

Please post answers if you have any. 


Will we get the actual answers and questions back with our scores so we can go over each one we got wrong? 

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