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Since Madonna essentially based her career riffing off this archetype, it seems only natural. People claim that the word "virgin" in antiquity did not necessarily mean that someone never had sex. It meant instead that a woman was "without" man, which could also mean that she was an independent property owner. Some such women in classical cultures were also sacred prostitutes... or so the story goes. They acted as incarnations of the goddess. A parallel tradition exists still today in some sects of Hinduism with the devadasis. Plus there is that whole psychological trend in the modern culture called the "Virgin/Whore complex" which Madonna played to a tee.

Don't forget that it wasn't her midriff that freaked out folks and inspired girls to start chopping shirts into halter tops; it was the power of her sexuality, and her belief in it, the way she acknowledged it and controlled it, the way she self-consciously toyed with it. Madonna embraced and mocked the virgin/whore complex, ironically flaunted her body as a self-sold commodity and challenged the male gaze all the way to the bank. She proved that there were non-academic, street-savvy ways to express yourself and find empowerment. Madonna was a symbol of unrepressed female creativity and power sexy, seductive, serious, and strong.

But of course, lochies, that's what spellit was saying, you did not have to repeat it once again! :)

Well, by extension, they say repetition is the mother of learning; case in which, the question appears to be who would the father be? :)

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