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Job Search / A stressful situation...any advice?
« on: October 26, 2007, 05:09:45 PM »
Hi, I'm new to the board here, but of course have been lurking forever.

I am in the process of trying to figure what to do once I graduate.  I go to Fordham, and am solidly in the top half.  I have an offer from the NY firm I worked for this summer.  They are a 100+ attorney firm, have a great lifestyle and pay just under top NY money.  However, I really want to live in Los Angeles or somewhere near to LA, due to both personal preference and familial obligations.  My firm has an affiliated LA firm that currently is in the process of several mergers and really just getting going in LA, and thus they are not looking to bring in any new first-years yet. (they have hinted that they might in the future or that I might be able to transfer down the road)

I am having a very difficult time getting any other firms in LA to give me the light of day, although I only recently started bulk letter-sending.  My questions are these:

1 - Do I still have any chance of landing at least a mid-firm job in LA if I haven't at this point?  Do a decent amount of firms decide start looking for candidates post November 1st?  I sent out 20 more apps today, but am thinking it may be too late.  Some were even to really small firms of less than 50 people.

2 - Would I be completely insane to not take the great NY job and move to LA jobless upon graduation? 

3 - If I did stay in New York, whats the quickest I can start applying to other firms in LA and have a realistic chance at landing something?  2 years?  3?

I feel like I would have a decent shot transfering in my firm within a year or two but then would have to take TWO bar exams.  I also should stress that I would be extremely disspointed having to stay in New York, but would be even more dissapointed if I finished the bar in California and was unemployed for months!

Thanks for any helpful advice anyone can give me.  I'm really stressed and keep having to say to least you have an offer!

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