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Law School Admissions / Re: which u think is the best way to apply?
« on: October 09, 2005, 11:19:39 AM »
I would say online/LSDAS--its the most surefire way to do it..and getting your stuff there on time and in once piece is half the battle it seems.



I know--I've been debating taking it over again. I was considering doing it this past June, but that would have eliminated the DOS internship in Germany. I would have done it this Oct but a) i'm also working on a thesis right now, and b) i took it last Oct and that didnt seem to work very well--I was either too distracted or just my usual 'oct' curse' where nothing goes right in Oct (oo, i see i am applying to ls in oct this year--great) and c) there was a very tragic death in my family this summer which pretty much whiped out my ls thinking till sept rolled around.

If I were to take it again, it would have to wait till June again--and in that sense I would be post-poning LS for an entire year to retake this bloody test--and a) i dont think thats a good excuse, b) i would have do to something darn good in that time period as well and c) i dont have much hope for doing better...

Law School Admissions / Re: School Average GPA
« on: October 08, 2005, 01:31:07 PM »
OK I've read alot of this and think I get most of it..but here are my numbers as well: (this is from uni mich, ann arbor)

LSAT College Mean        157                   
Num. Candidates           3726   

Year   02-03   03-04   04-05   
GPA   3.51   4.02   3.88                   
Cum. GPA/College   3.51   3.76   3.80                   
Cum. GPA %ile Rank           90%                   
GPA College Mean           3.28                   
Cum. Across GPA   3.51   3.76   3.80   

My lsat was a 156.

So, what does this mean? Not great, but not terrible?

Law School Admissions / Re: How do schools know when you're complete
« on: October 08, 2005, 01:19:26 PM »
This was also my question--I'm interested in an answer. As far as I know though, whenever there is any change on your account, like submitting updated transcripts, LSDAS automatically sends all new info too all schools you applied to/should receive it....a guess tho

I agree completely. I'm not very religious--more apathetic...same thing politically. I'm very career oriented, and when it comes to working for an employer, as long as they arnt killing kittens you've gotta stomach alot. So I could indeed do a ND, and I had them on my list after talking with them, but I dont want a S. Bend area, esp after being in Ann Arbor for last few years--I've been spoiled by small college town life.

I studied on my own for a few months, then took a class *was forced to, and then finished studying during school-took oct 2004 exam. Overall, i've pretty much been in the same score band area, so i wasn't too suprised...though not happy. As a jewish student, I've looked at notre dame, but I don't know about a really catholic sounding school---

I also agree. I am trying to say why I really want to go there, and its not just that it is a great school, but that they have the programs/tools I want to use to further my career.

:( lol. Yea, it's tough meeting reality after I got my score back...its like the one thing missing in my app--I've got everything else nailed down (not nec. for a stanfard, harvard crowd) but the lsat score messes up resting easy with the next tier schools. What is motivating me to choose these schools, however, is their offerings (but some kinda of name is important too) and I'm pretty set on what I want to study and why. Any rec's from people interested in int. law?

Hey all.
I've been looking for a forum like this since my buddy showed me his dental forum (where he now lives 24/7). Seems like these things can be a little depressing, as they often are populated by the biggest 'go getters' of which I consider myself one (see note below). However, everyone here seems really cool and helpful so here it goes:

Hard facts:
==I'm a senior at Uni Mich, hist major (honors thesis program), german minor

==My numbers: GPA 3.775 cumulative *3.9ish in history alone, LSAT 156
(I ALWAYS test here, no matter what I seem to do---its not a trend with ACT/SAT, which were 1300 and 25, so I dont think I can make a case of me sucking at stand. tests..can I?)


LOR's will be solid, 2 prof's and 1 gsi (good comments on academic and personal aspects) and also 1 from Consul General of US Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany.

PS--working on them, though its tough as nails cuz I dont like blowing my own horn.

Misc: I've worked every summer since HS, and this will be my 2nd year working during school year 20/25 hrs a week (and its a serious job too, related to technology field which I am interested in). I also did a State Dept internship this summer in Germany, which was great. As for 'leadership' etc, I'm VP in one student org, Pres in another, and involved in a couple more....freetime? what is that?


I've been interested in int affairs/diplomacy for ages, getting involved in (don't laugh) Model UN in hs prompted me to consider int. law as an excellent basis for grounding myself in more then just theory (ie just going to grad school). As such, LS has been my goal. Where I'm interested in applying is what I've been able to find based on what I can tell from their int. offers: courses, programs, dual degrees, LLMs, etc etc

If wishes were horses beggers would ride:
-Boston College
-Boston U
-Duke (my biggest wish)
-George Wash.
-Notre dame (??)
-Uni Ill.
-Uni Iowa
-Uni Maryland
-Uni Miami
-Uni Mich (up there--i still bleed maize and blue)
-Uni Syracuse (amazed me, never had considered them before till i read their stuff)

SO, break my heart like is HS and prom's around the corner!



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