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Each year the top 1-3 people leave UConn for places like Harvard and Yale. That's a fact. I knew someone who was ranked 13 and went to UMich this past year. So yes, you can always transfer...but to your real question, most grads stay in state. I think on our website some info might help. Overall, if you really want to sneak into the e. coast uconn is a great school, but expect to be in CT for a while afterwards, unless you either a) get out via a 1l summer job and keep on that track all 3 yrs, or you shoot to top of class and law review it and get into the nyc/dc/boston circuit. So yes, top of class makes EVERYTHING in law school easier, but dont count on it. Best to go to a school and assume you do 'average' and see what options are available. Otherwise the risk is great.

Real world experience at UConn? Tons. We've got amazing clinics, a brand new one is up and running just this yr where we're teamed up with bschool and work to help technology startup companies in CT, and people are always doing externships, internships, and lots of volunteering. Because CT is so small, tons of judges, lawyers, and state govt. officials went to uconn. So you've got a great network to tap into - Very hard to avoid doing some real world stuff at uconn..NOw, starting your own business out of law school in terms of? a law firm? Law schools are not quite that practical, hence the clinics. Law firms is where the real legal training occurs, and thats basically true anywhere....


I looked at some of those schools too! I got a dean scholarship from Syracuse, and really was about to attend there, if not for the last second letter from uconn....Penn State really attracted me, except for the big mess they have right now with the starting up for a dual campus thing and the construction on BOTH campuses...really, honestly, you have no idea how construction can really kill concentration on things like contracts ;)


SO Sorry for the delay: LP is death and so is Davis...if you come to UConn, you'll know what those means ;)

Some backlogged answers:

royaldutch - if you have those scores and you're from CT, I can almost picture you being accepted no problem, esp. since they want to boost their GPA standing.

Camel - Job prospects is a very, very tough question for me as I am a mere 1L and only thinking of this summer. Now, I know of literally a dozen 3/2Ls who got jobs in NYC or at big law firms...but thats probably 20/300 or so. For most part, UConn law dominates CT - we've got 3 Supreme Court justices who come to campus frequently and we really dominate everything in terms of politics and state/federal court systems....its a real benefit to stay in CT, whereas even at NYU you're fighting everyone else from NY and best of people from around country....if you watch news, CT law is on leading edge in many areas.

UConn is a great school, either as a target or safety...if you're near lower edge, I'd still apply as a long reach school because it really is a great place to learn law...for example, our contracts prof. is doing some practice exam sessions and for ppl who missed one (doing the intra-campus mock trial competition, one of the wonderful things uconn has to my knowledge that few other schools do) he had IT post a podcast. it was SO entertaining i put it on my ipod just to listen to randomly when thinking contracts, because he really is great, the class is good, and it just shows the lengths professors here will go to accommodate you....

1L at UConn law would love to encourage some LSDers to apply, visit, and attend UConn law for class of 2010!...Drop a line, however, in the thread in the 'where should i go next fall' forum.

Yes! Diversions from Lawyering Process briefs!

Yes, UConn Law has an evening division and over half of the students eventually jump from night to day. There is a big difference between night and day in terms of age and overall 'connectedness' with the day program, but I have friends in evening and see them around doing jobs etc. Like I said, doing night puts you into 4 yrs, unless you make the jump into day and then you have to makeup classes...

Let's see...chances...I know the new guidebook is out..lemme check...LSAT 161 and GPA 3.46 is my class' stats...I think you should apply here if you're interested and can polish off a great PS - I dont think you GPA hurts you, since this is a state school and its GPA focus isn't really that high *though, UConn is starting to really focus on USNWR ranking in new dean hiring process, so it might get tighter...still, it cant hurt to apply here if you're interested...

Cityslicker---the AG's office is *right* here, but its actually a remote location for the AG, hence no real impt. people work there. There is very, very little connection between the two, except for maybe either getting downtown to work during a summer and the fact they can use our library, since we're a state school....

WHY UConn? Ok its an amazing school. The student body is wonderful, diverse, and extremely extremely active. We've got people doing all sorts of activities, clubs, etc and there is honestly a very stong bond in most classes - our 1L class has perhaps the strongest social bond that they've ever seen....Because we have an amazing campus that is in multiple buildings you still get that college feel, but its also a little like HS the first year as you shuttle from room to room, blding to blding....the teachers here are also a real treasure: we've got some of the top people in areas like taxes and IP and other areas like native american law. I also like UConn because, being here only a few weeks, I already knew half names of my 1L class and it seems like entire class knew who I get on a first name basis with professors really fast and even the administration and deans take a very, very active approach to clubs, meetings, groups etc and you can easily get on a first name basis with short, though its a small pond its also a very very diverse one with lots of depth to's sometimes best to be the big fish in a small pond, so to speak. It might not be for everyone, but so far is been amazing...

I reallly will go into more details as time permits/I dont have briefing to do/I get more specific Q' of luck you pre-1L's!

Hi all -

Most of you Pre-1L's might not remember me saga of getting into and deciding on UConn law, but it is definately the place I was meant to study law. Feel free to shoot me a question via PM or tag onto this thread...For those looking for good 'backup schools' or regional schools or things in this vein, I heavily, heavily encourage you to look into UConn law!


Incoming 1Ls / Re: Exporting One Note to Word
« on: August 29, 2006, 07:49:38 AM »
I have been using OneNote in class and loving it!

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Exporting One Note to Word
« on: August 22, 2006, 03:41:54 PM »
baffing myself so i can keep abreast of this interesting topic, as i am now a onenote user entering ls in a week :)

Incoming 1Ls / Re: What else should I buy for One L
« on: August 16, 2006, 04:25:55 PM »
xxxxx has one of the better avatars ive seen on here in awhile  ;)

Incoming 1Ls / Re: What else should I buy for One L
« on: August 12, 2006, 03:26:35 PM »
this thread is an awesome laugh. I am printing it out for the 3l's i currently live with and who could use a good laugh too.

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