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How prepared is adequately prepared? Are we talking never went to class, never did readings, only opened the book this morning unprepared?

Fortunately, my level of unprepared does not reach those proportions.

I have had plenty of time to study, review, and take practice exams though.  I did not use this time particularly effectively.

What is the exam in?


how do cycles of apathy differ from malaise?

Malaise is constant while cycles of apathy are... cyclical.

Malaise; mental exhaustion; cycles of apathy, hopelessness, and guilt

U. of Pacific - McGeorge

Red Bull is gross, but it gets the job done better than coffee or cola for me.

By drinking caffeine and stressing out, I'm taking the advice of virtually no one I know.

Tomorrow is an exam for which I have not adequately prepared, and until then I'm happy to take any questions.

Studying and Exam Taking / Re: Property Question (Easements)
« on: December 16, 2008, 08:32:18 PM »
I guess it depends on how neighborly A is.


Have something like a flowchart or attack sheet, and keep it really basic.  I wouldn't count on having much time to look at notes.

General Board / Re: E&E or other recommendations for Crim Law or Crim Pro?
« on: December 16, 2008, 08:27:03 PM »

Dressler's CDs on both subjects.  The crim law Understanding book (also by Dressler) is also great.

I aced crim law.

I am positive I did not ace crim pro, but that's because I slacked off, not because the supplement sucked. My prof also rocked. I really have no excuse.

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