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Job Search / Re: T3 hope
« on: February 27, 2008, 06:12:54 PM »
I don't know what it's like at NYLaw or Seton, but Rutgers is sending a big chunk of its top 20% to NY biglaw this summer. It'll also save you about $25,000 a year.

Current Law Students / Re: My law school gripe!!
« on: October 19, 2007, 07:00:28 PM »
I agree, Cesco.  This has been great fun for me.  I'm imagining some girl in Vegas, red in the face, stewing over my nerve, ignorance, immaturity, and impotence.

Damn PALuff. You are one pompous a-hole. How does it feel to be your own hero? Do you stare at a picture of yourself as you defile your body or do you look at your term bill from Michigan?

Current Law Students / Re: law school depression
« on: October 19, 2007, 06:38:39 PM »
I typed in "law school depression" and google pulled up this page.  It has been nice to read that others feel the same frustration that I feel.  I thought that law school would draw a lot of creative kind of eccentric people (unlike what you would find in an engineering program or med school).  So far I feel like I'm the only one that wasn't in a frat and watches channels other than ESPN in my free time.  What the f*ck?  I write music and really enjoy going to concerts when I have time.  I can't find anybody in my section that even knows what "indie" music is.  The last straw for me was when Rilo Kiley came to town, and everyone I asked about going said they had never heard of them (or Jenny Lewis).  I know this sounds snobby, but I love and live for indie music and films.  To be in an environment where I feel like the bearded lady in the freak show circus because I don't find Justin Timberlake to be talented at all (If you want a good laugh read his lyrics and then read the lyrics of an Elliott Smith song afterwards), I'd probably watch FoodTV or The Travel Channel over ESPN, and I'd rather go to a concert than a football or basketball game REALLY SUCKS and is EXTREMELY DEPRESSING.  I keep going back on whether or not I even made the right decision to come to law school.  If this is what my classmates are like, wouldn't that be a pretty good reflection of what my co-workers would be like as well after graduation?  I really want to work with independent music and production companies after I graduate, but at this point it seems like I'm more likely to get stuck working some traditional law firm job (if I can even get one).  This place blows!!

Well, the thing I keep thinking about while I'm reading this thread and posts like this is how closed-minded the people are who are complaining about closed-mindedness. This poster lives for indie music and films, yet complains that his classmates live for sports. Everyone has their own interests. Some interests are more widely shared than others. Your interests are, by definition, shared by fewer people. Why act so surprised that a relatively small number of law students "live for indie music and films"? If you want to work with an exclusive group of people who share your interests, be a music writer. But to judge your classmates on whether they know obscure bands is asinine. It would be know more fair for your ESPN-interested classmates to judge you on whether you know who the Mets's catcher was in 1972.

I think santropez is right in his post. It may be difficult to find people who share your very specific and exclusive interests. But if you scratch the surface, you may find that some of your classmates who share interests with the majority of society are varied and interesting in their own right. Judge not...

Your speech code would turn law school into a correspondence class from the University of Phoenix. Some students are annoying, but the law is far more gray than you take it to be. Discussion is important.

Current Law Students / Re: Law School Attire
« on: August 17, 2007, 08:30:38 PM »
I, for one, never wore underwear, even with skirts. I guess that should tell you smth.

What school do you go to?

Whatever works for you is fine. I did nearly all my reading at the library for the same reasons. I also did next to nothing on the weekends. Don't go to school telling yourself you have to work from 9-4 on the weekend. Wake up Saturday and ask yourself if you're behind. If not, don't convince yourself you are.

Current Law Students / Re: Law School Attire
« on: August 12, 2007, 08:43:42 PM »
Wear what you want. It won't change your exam grades.

If you're worrying about what you wear, law school will be a hell of self-imposed pressure for you.

Don't join a clique right away. They will start forming. Hang out with some people for an hour, then switch. Get to know different people before you decide who your best friend is.

We had three days of orientation. I showed up very drunk on morning #3. This is a risky maneuver, but it worked well for me. There's really only one person who held this stunt against me. However, if you follow this example, you shouldn't volunteer to speak in front of everyone.

Also avoid racial/ethnic/sexist/religious jokes during orientation.

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