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Columbia U / 2007 Columbia Academic Honors
« on: July 09, 2007, 07:40:34 PM »
Columbia has announced the winners of academic prizes and honors for 2007.  Here is the list.  For more information on the awards, visit

June 12, 2007
To: Columbia Law School Community
From: Professor Ariela Dubler, Vice-Dean and Lectures & Prizes Committee Chair
Dean Alice P. Rigas, Registration & Financial Services
Re: May 2007 Prizes
Prizes are awarded to the following students for their excellent achievements.

John Ordronaux Prize, awarded annually to the J.D. degree candidate for general proficiency in legal study.
The prize usually recognizes the student achieving the highest academic average in each graduating class:
Vincent Gregory Serge Levy ‘07

Pauline Berman Heller Prize, awarded annually to the highest ranked graduating female law student(s) (J.D.):
Christine De Maso ‘07
Emily True Parise ‘07

Walter Gellhorn Prize, awarded annually to an LL.M. degree candidate graduating with the highest academic
average, for outstanding proficiency in legal study:
Albert Aleidus Johannes Smelt ‘07 LL.M.

David Berger Memorial Prize, given to a third-year student interested in international law and world peace,
and who has demonstrated educational excellence in the field of international law:
Vincent Gregory Serge Levy ‘07

Harold Brown Book Prize, awarded annually, for the purchase of books, to two or more first-year students
who attended Columbia College:
Clark S. Gard ‘09
Ryan S. Reynolds ‘09

Class of 1912 Prize, awarded annually to the first-year student most proficient in the subject of contracts:
Christopher A. Muller ‘09

Milton B. Conford Book Prize in Jurisprudence, awarded annually to the student who writes the best
examination paper or essay on jurisprudence:
Wilson Monell Meeks ‘07

E.B. Convers Prize, awarded annually to the member of the graduating class who writes the best original
essay on a legal subject:
Keith Bradley ‘07

Archie O. Dawson Prize, awarded annually for proficiency in advocacy:
Cuauhtemoc Ortega ‘07 (for 2005-06)
Richard Seth Davis ‘08 (for 2006-07)

Wilfred Feinberg Prize, awarded to the Law student who does the best work in an area related to the work of
the federal courts:
Suzanne Evelyne Bermann ‘07
Aaron G. Leiderman ‘07

Alfred A. Forsyth Prize, awarded annually to an outstanding student in the field of environmental law who, in
the judgment of the School, has demonstrated qualities of intellect and selfless dedication to the advancement
of environmental law:
Sarah P. Hollinshead ‘08

Andrew D. Fried Memorial Prize, awarded for the best student essay to be published this year in the
Columbia Journal of Law and the Arts on a subject in the field of intellectual property and related law:
Cason Armstrong Moore ‘07
Tapers in a Jam: "Trouble Ahead" or "Trouble Behind"

Lawrence S. Greenbaum Prize, awarded annually to the student who, in the opinion of the judges, has made
the best oral presentation in the final argument of the Harlan Fiske Stone Moot Court Competition:
Eric M. Chesin ‘08

Haft Foundation Moot Court First-Year Brief Prize, awarded to the first-year student who submits the best
brief in Moot Court competition:
Andrew W. Amend ‘08 (for 2005-06 academic year)

Carroll G. Harper Prize, awarded to the member of the graduating class who has attained the highest
standards of achievement in intellectual property studies and writing:
Vigdis Maria Bronder ‘07

Paul R. Hays Prize, awarded annually to an outstanding first-year student in civil procedure:
Jessica D. Karp ‘09
Saif I. Shah Mohammed ‘09

Richard J. Lipson and Paul S. Lipson Prize, awarded annually to two first-year law students showing the
greatest proficiency in the subject of contracts:
Chang Liu ‘09
Emily C. Rossi ‘09

Jerome Michael Jury Cup, awarded for the best trial advocacy:
Jacqueline Marie Russo ‘07

Allan Morrow Sexuality and Gender Law Prize, awarded upon graduation from the Law School to a student
who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the furtherance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender
Eddie Albert Jauregui ‘07
Sydney Adelen Tarzwell ‘07

Jane Marks Murphy Prize, awarded annually to the students who display exceptional interest and proficiency
in advocacy in clinical offerings, and who give promise of a professional career, applying the highest standards
of the lawyer's craft to service of the public interest:
Sydney Bird Levin ‘07
Robert William May ‘07

Outstanding Student Award, presented by the Clinical Legal Education Association to a student nominated
by the faculty of Columbia Law School for excellence in clinical fieldwork based on the high quality of
representation provided clients and for outstanding participation in an accompanying clinical seminar as
determined by exemplary thoughtfulness and self reflectiveness in exploring pertinent legal and lawyering
Nicole Yin Cheun Lee Altman ‘07
Tiana Joi Murillo ‘07

Simon H. Rifkind Prize, awarded for the best overall performance in the first-year moot court program at
Columbia Law School:
Jason J. McInnes ‘08 (for 2005-06 academic year)

Samuel I. Rosenman Prize, awarded to a student who has demonstrated academic excellence in public law
courses and outstanding qualities and leadership in the Law School, or activities related to the Law School in
the University community:
Wilson Monell Meeks ‘07
Addison Baker Thompson ‘07

Emil Schlesinger Labor Prize, awarded annually to the student most proficient in the study of labor law:
Adrian John Barnes ‘07

Whitney North Seymour Medal, awarded annually to the student who, in the judgment of the instructors in trial
advocacy, shows the greatest promise of becoming a distinguished trial advocate:
Christopher M. Hogan ‘08
Jordan W. Connors ‘08

Young B. Smith Prize, awarded annually to the first-year student most proficient in the law of torts:
Brandon C. Mason ‘09

Robert Noxon Toppan: Awarded annually to the student in the School of Law who submits the best written
examination to the professor of Constitutional Law, based on regulations established by the Faculty of Law:
Vivian H. Wang ‘08 (for 2005-06 academic year)

Valentin J.T. Wertheimer Prize, awarded annually to a Law School student whose work demonstrates the
most creative, thoughtful approach to labor law, equal employment law, public or private sector collective
bargaining, labor conflict resolution, or employment security:
Emma Kate Freudenberger ‘07
Eddie Albert Jauregui ‘07


Irell and Manella Prize, awarded annually to a first year law student who demonstrates outstanding
leadership, academic excellence, and good citizenship within the community. In addition, the Prize
equally funds a student organization at Columbia Law School, chosen by the Prize recipient, to
support that organization’s activities, as well as the Dean’s Discretionary Fund for purposes
consistent with the objectives of the Prize, such as supporting special funding needs of student
activities and organizations.
Max M. Miller ‘09
Student Organization to be Funded: Harlem Tutorial Project

You may also view the announcement in its original PDF format at one of the following file sharing sites:

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