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Columbia U / Columbia Law Review Staff 2007 Announced
« on: July 09, 2007, 06:22:59 AM »
The following rising 2Ls have earned spots on the Columbia Law Review.  The announcement just came out a few days ago.

The Columbia Law Review is pleased to announce its new 2L staff for the
2007-2008 school year:

Matthew Gurgel
Eileen Plaza
Emily Bussigel
Ronni Weinstein
John Koerner
Emily Weiss
Pawan Nelson
Scott Buell
Ze-Wen Chen
Robert Weinstock
Jennifer Philbrick
Shelby Schwartz
Jessie Cheng
Andrew Brantingham
Cory Buland
Kabir Masson
Daniella Lichtman
Noah Solowiejczyk
Ryan Reynolds
Brian Mcardle
Benjamin Beaton
Michael Cabin
Ethan Frechette
David Abramowicz
Karen Lin
Kara Maguire
Sameer Bajaj
Brandon Mason
Jason Vitullo
Kevin Angle
T. Alora Thomas
Andrew Legrand
Chang Liu
Emily Rossi
Jessica Karp
Amy McCamphill
Christopher Muller
Benjamin Rothstein
Shira Kieval
Nathan Rehn
Adriana Luciano
Kirsten Jackson

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