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Good question. Okay, here's my deal...I taught high school for three years, did a master's in public policy, and have been working for two years as a journalist for a education magazine. I am not at all a journalist by nature. However, I do like the fact that my current job gives me the chance to get an inside look at city school stuff. And I am meeting some cool people and kind of had another job opportunity presented to me last week (you know those strange job offers, where they are kind of asking you but not outright?) In any case, I just got out of a meeting with my boss b/c there've been rumors that I might leave...I did not tell her about law school, but we discussed other projects I could work on that would make me happy. And I told her flat out that developing my journalism skills is not something that interests me or is going to take me to where I eventually want to go.

In a sentence, my main goals are to improve public education. I am particularly interested in charter schools and legislation pertaining to school choice. I don't know exactly how a law degree will help, but I know it won't hurt, and I know that almost all of my local education heroes here have law degrees.

I also know that I am already in debt and that most of the kinds of  law jobs I'd eventually get won't pay that much. I learned at OSU that average salary for public interest is $38,000, which is less than I make now working for a nonprofit!


Thanks, Hippie Law Chick! I think I'm one, too....I definitely want to do public interest. But I must say that I had a great experience at OSU when I visited and will look at Case on Friday. I really was into the idea of moving to Columbus, and I live in Cleveland now (exactly why I want to get out! Just kidding. Kind of.) But Case really seems to want me more and that means something. I guess I'll try to negotiate with OSU and see what comes up. I knew that them losing the basketball game on Sunday was a bad sign. Oh well. Maybe law school isn't in the cards, at least right now. I am not 100 percent sure I want to be a lawyer.

About the South Gateway Apartments, is that the new complex near the law school? They are definitely more expensive than other apartments in Columbus and you have to pay more for parking. And I think right now, all they have left are two bedrooms and those are filling up fast! The apartments I am referring to might not be the South Gateway, but they are the ones that OSU recently presented to us at a preview day. I would not recommend them, knowing you can get more for your money nearby!

I'm also very curious about the people who make it as semi-finalists. My numbers were pretty good, in the 75 percentile for the school.

I said in an earlier post I was shocked, but maybe I'll just use thw word surprised.

OSU is my top choice but the money CWRU is offering is way better.

My surprise would be alleviated if I had some idea of what they were looking for.

Just got an email. I didn't make the cut. I must say I am kind of shocked/

General Off-Topic Board / Re: anyone ever win anything cool?
« on: March 20, 2006, 09:30:50 PM »
Scrabble, the deluxe edition, which is a swivel board with slots that lock in the tiles. That was in 7th grade from a raffle.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Best Big Ten College Town
« on: March 16, 2006, 08:42:35 AM »
I've only been to Columbus, Ann Arbor, and Madison (on a cross country drive. Spent about an hour there. I loved it.)

I lived in Ann Arbor. It's a nice place to go to school for two years (master's). I might have lasted a third, provided I got out during the summer. There are very few cool bars, at least in my opinion. The best (Del Rio) shut down. The new Babs is okay. And the chains are making their way to campus. State Street now has some noodle chain (Noodle Company?) restaurant and a Potbelly's.

Columbus is great. All the people who called it ghetto or gritty or whatever...I think it's important to point out that Columbus is by far the largest of the Big 10 cities and almost one of the largest 10 cities in the country.

Cool bars, great music scene. Lacking professional sports, except hockey, which is sad. Really good food. Lots of ethnic parts to the city. The only thing that really bothers me about it is they passed a no-smoking ordinance...but I guess that's good for a lot of you

So yeah, Ann Arbor is a great college town. Columbus is a great college city. And Madison, from what I gleaned from my hour there...yeah, I liked it a lot. I've picked Wisconsin to go about two rounds in my bracket.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Anyone else who just might not go?
« on: March 14, 2006, 08:36:03 AM »
Glad to see this thread. I've been wavering all along. Sometimes I think I decided to apply b/c I have a "program" addiction and thought that studying for the LSAT would be fun. Really. And it was, kind of.

And now I have to make a decision. I attended a preview day last week and got some hard stats--average starting salary for people from the law school I really am most interested in is $38,000.

Which is less than I make now. So it seems really dumb for me to incur much more debt and end up with a less paying job.

Sure, maybe I'll be able to find some type of job that I like that pays more...but I am nervous. And all of a sudden, I am seeing all the opportunities coming up through my current job....

But I am 29, and single now. It's not a bad time to go. I agree that whatever I decided to do, a law degree could really  help.

I wish I had a hairdresser like Maria. I think I'll just leave the decision to a tarot card reader...

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Georgetown...
« on: March 09, 2006, 09:57:32 AM »

Okay, thanks for all the help! I know i could try logging into accepted students (and okay, I tried last week, it did not work). I am too scared to try again. It is a bit anticlimactic to find out that way. Call me traditional, but I just want the envelope in the mail box.

Choosing the Right Law School / Georgetown...
« on: March 08, 2006, 06:36:36 PM »
So according to the website they've made a of Feb. 28. But still no word as to what that decision might be. Each day I open my mail box slowly, ready for the thin white envelope. Yesterday I found a big white envelope from Golden Gate, encouraging me to apply despite the fact that the ABA just issued a warning against them b/c so few students of theirs pass the bar. That's encouraging!!

Any one else still waiting to hear from Georgetown, knowing a decision has been made? I am not optimistic...just reject me, already!!

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