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Current Law Students / Re: How important is case briefing?
« on: June 05, 2007, 05:09:55 PM »
Briefing is pretty much a waste of time. I did leews style, very short briefs compiled from the lexis-nexis briefs and/or canned briefs and a quick skim of the text. After awhile I stopped reading the cases altogether.

After the third week of law school I pretty much stopped reading the casebooks, save for a quick skim in class to see if there was an important point in one of them. Most of the time there wasn't. Cases are rarely tested on law exams. If you do need to know a case for an exam, you'll know and even then you'll only need to know the title of the case and a one sentence summary of the holding.

I have done well at my school despite not putting too much stock in the cases.

Many upperclassmen don't read at all. One of the top editors of our law review doesn't read casebooks anymore.

I highly recommend leews. It isn't a magic bullet, but it will help you pick apart exams and learn to analyze them better. That said, I would recommend doing it as early as possible in the semester and of course, ACTUALLY PRACTICING IT, which most who buy the program seem to fail to do.

I have done well at my school and used the program's methods on all my exams.

If you want more of my thoughts on it, send me a personal message.

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