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This is just for an entry level associate position at a small firm.  The contract has a non compete clause that says I can't work in this area in any capacity in this practice area for 1 year after I am no longer working there.  The district specified is more than a quarter of the state,  and it's by far the most populated and built up part. 

It does say that the clause won't be valid if I am terminated or laid off however.

Is this a common thing for entry level attorney positions (on the consumer side) or is this strange?

I hsve my final tomorrow morning and noticed that my book is missing pages in the answer section and has duplicates instead of the right question numbers. I am missing the answers for 186-190 in case anyone wants to help out a lot and just give me the answers

Are there any other sites around to find firms seeking law clerks besides Symplicity? I checked already, and either I am not using the site correctly, or there are literally no firms advertising on that site for clerk positions because I haven't found anything. Simplicity obviously has a lot of listings, but I do not want to only use Symplicity if I can expand my options. Thanks.

Current Law Students / How to prep for a non biglaw interview?
« on: March 19, 2009, 02:12:38 PM »
I have had a few interviews so far, but all of them have been biglaw interviews.  I have an interview tomorrow with a real estate firm, specifically for the foreclosure practice.  I am used to prepping for corporate law firms and gearing my end of interview questions towards that, and I am not really sure how to handle a "normal" law interview that isn't OCI or at a biglaw firm.  Right now I was planning to ask them "What qualities do the most successful law clerks at your firm usually have?  Other than asking them about how the economy has affected their practice (for the better or for the worst), I am not sure what else to do to prepare.

I checked out their website already and it is minimal, just very basic superficial information stating that they are a full service real estate firm that focuses on the commercial end, but doesn't get anymore specific then that.  Thanks!

Current Law Students / Re: Salary to expect at Foreclosure Mill firm?
« on: February 26, 2009, 05:03:02 PM »
Even if it paid 10-20k more a year, why would you go into a field you're not interested in?

Because barring an LRAP, your student loans stay the same no matter where you go?

What I meant was that if the purpose of going to law school was to practice criminal law, why go into another area just because it pays more? Working for a liquor distributor or a police officer (or innumerable other jobs) would pay more, so if its all about making the most money, why stop at doing foreclosure law? Why not do something even more lucrative.

I think the answer is that MiamaLaw didn't have a clear vision of what he wanted to get out of law school, or where he wanted to go afterward.

My problem is I enjoy law in general, and I don't really have one area in particular that stands out. Not at all that nothing interests me, it is just that it all interests me and I have no idea how to decide, so I have to use money as an additional deciding factor.  I am a 2L and have taken a lot of different types of courses, and enjoyed nearly all of them . I could see myself doing almost any type of law and being happy.  I am in a litigation workshop now and I love this too, so now it complicates things since I seem to enjoy litigating. 

Also, foreclosure law just because that is the only firm I have an interview at so far.  And it seems like this place will at least pay more than the small firms that may only pay 45-50k.

Current Law Students / Re: Salary to expect at Foreclosure Mill firm?
« on: February 05, 2009, 09:25:33 AM »
I worked at a BK/debt collection mill (with foreclosure department) in Seattle where paralegals made around $15-18 per hour. So, expect a lower range of a paralegal pay if you are a law clerk there. Young attys with 1-4 years of experience made around 45-55K a year. I think these types of firms really suck! Nobody knows your name, large turn over, overloaded with cases. But it is my personal opinion which comes from my personal experience. It may be different for you.

Thanks. Is it entirely inappropriate to ask the interviewer what starting attorney salary is, at a law clerk interview?  I already have another route I was planning on taking (Be a PD then do private criminal defense), and if this is going to pay me the same as I would make as a PD, I don't think I would do this. 

Current Law Students / Salary to expect at Foreclosure Mill firm?
« on: February 05, 2009, 08:19:53 AM »
One foreclosure firm has about 300 people working there and 40 lawyers, and has two offices, a headquarters and a satellite.  The clerk job pays 16/hr, but taking the clerk job would be dependent on knowing what the salary prospects at this type of place are. It seems terrible to bring up starting attorney pay when you are going in for a clerk job, but it would make it much easier for me. Does anyone know how much an attorney would start at for a large foreclosure mill type firm?

I've always wanted to be a lawyer, but never had any idea of what type, just figured something would come to me. I can't seem to pinpoint my interests in law that much, I never really cared which practice area I was in, I just liked the idea of working with law. It's scary just jumping into a specific field, but as of now I have nothing else to go on.  I also loved Torts class and did very well in that too, but I never liked the idea of being a personal injury lawyer, but the idea of being a crim defense lawyer intrigues me.

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