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If you want a sophisticated legal practice, then family law is not where to make it happen.

I'm not sure what you've deemed to be "sophisticated" and "unsophisticated" practice areas. Family law regularly handles issues of jurisdiction (personal and subject matter), due process, contract law, negotiations, taxation, dissolution of corporations and quasi-corporate entities, trusts and estates, and many more. You need to be well versed in most fields of law just to survive in the family arena. I don't see the same level of knowledge in a lot of other practice areas. And top it all off with the fact that you need to be able to both work with clients in sensitive situations as well as be a solid litigator. Sounds sort of sophisticated to me.

As for big firms not handling family law, they do, and you'll need to back up your conflict rationale. You might not find divorce or custody on a mega firms website, but there are a lot of practice areas that they delve into that they don't advertise. If a client is involved in a divorce, his lawyer will find a way to take care of it and to bill for it.

OP, family law is a great practice area and you should take the chance to experience a family law environment.

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