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Current Law Students / Re: Psychopath attorneys
« on: August 19, 2007, 06:35:54 PM »
For all those who have read these blogs, do not attend Syracuse University College of Law.  This program has refused to deal with this behavior.  For Syracuse, it is the crying gang...

It is typically a group that has one of those personalities in it that will not stop with another person.  Law school attracts this personality type and incompetent administrators, faculty, and staff allow it continue in the school.    The profession is loathe to stop this behavior.  It becomes worse.  High salaries coupled with new social groups provide a larger network with which to destroy someone.  In fact, many will find that those psychpathic personalities are most often helped to the detriment of others.  As a group, they live to get around a person and destroy that person.  It's a brag.

"F" stands for Felony in every jurisdiction and crossing state lines makes it a federal offense but for law schools it is the "L" word Liability.  Law schools do not care what anyone does as long as they are not sued.  Go find corporate counsel, the PR group, and the dedicated donors/alums who will stop at nothing to silence all.  This may also be known as an internal investigation.         

Red Cell 


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