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Job Search / Re: Incoming 1L Job FAQ's
« on: July 16, 2007, 02:14:49 PM »
What do applications for biglaw firms say?  I mean, on Dec. 1st no one has their grades or has even taken finals.  Do you just use your college resume and hope your school's name has enough pull?

This is when it pays to be a non-trad. ;)
Garbage man does not impress... ;)

Anyway, I heard that some of them wait until grades come out before making a decision.  They expect follow up mailings with grades etc.

I'm a Non-trad too... Garbage collector of the month ;D.

$500 for a suit is excessive.  No 1L (unless you're a daddy's girl/mamma's boy/trust fund baby) can afford to blow $500 on 1 suit.  The interviewers know that.  The've been 1L's too.  I'm telling you if you spend too much $$$ and they recognize that you will look foolish, irresponsible, and impulsive. 

For shoes all you need is a decent pair and then learn how to shine them.  A crisp, close to, military shine always looks good. Women love it, and it will upgrade your outfit.  If you want to be a Trust Attorney the elderly always love gentlemen that shine their shoes and have clean haircuts.  They also want to see that their attorneys know how to protect thier assets not spend them.

Buy  a good "power" suit that a person living on $15,000 a year can afford and you're good to go. ($15K or whatever the hell your student budget is.)

Current Law Students / Re: Possibiility of working with FBI?
« on: July 10, 2007, 04:10:15 PM »
danboltonage22 is right.

I've heard that there are sthat prefer older 1st year associates because they get a different type of work product from them.  I'm 31 (32 in Nov.) By the time I pass the BAR I'll be 33/34. I've only heard positives about being older with 9 years business and military experience.

Black sweats and a hoodie.  Make sure your shoes are adidas though.

Current Law Students / Re: Possibiility of working with FBI?
« on: July 09, 2007, 01:16:20 PM »
Law students always have opinions...

I suggest contacting the FBI and asking them.  There are positions other than Special Agent which could be filled.   

sweats with a hoodie, and sandals aught to do the trick.  If that's not enough make sure the sweats are too tight.  That's for men and women... ;)

Exactly - garbage collectors make smth like $50K a year and they don't have to complete even high school.
Yes but a garbage collector that is a high school drop out will never make any more that that unless he deals drugs or has the street smarts to build a successful legal business that is legal. 

What is your potential max as a J.D.? Even if you are average you may max at $100k, and work 9 - 5 in an air conditioned office.

$400-500?  That's so expensive, I doubt I can afford that kind of suit.  I was thinking more like $200.   >:(
So what is in style, 2 button or 3 button suits?
At K&G in the Philly area you can get 2 decent suits on sale for $150 - $200.  $400 - $500 is kinda steep maybe that's the amount in NY or something.

Go stand outside of a biglaw law office (Or the courthouse) on monday and you will see what they wear.  If you go to the courhouse make sure you watch the lawyers entrance.

2 suits 5 white shirts, and a collection of ties.  Switching ties is like switching suits.  I've been in business for 9 years and have conducted interviews from the employer side.  They don't expect a different suit each day and they all know your funds are tight.  In fact, if your are looking at corporate, tax, etc. type offices they may see it (more than 2 suits) as excessive spending and lack of self control and judgement. When you get your 1st $12,000 paycheck that's the time to build an impressive wardrobe. Don't go all metrosexual on us though... ;)

Yes I'm an 0L but 9 years of experience in Banking, Finance, and Real Estate should count for something... 8)

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