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Current Law Students / Re: Criminal Record and Bar Exam
« on: May 20, 2007, 10:40:26 AM »
The schools ask about your background in the application.   Be honest and forthright.  Gather your records, get a lawyer for anything you may not have.  Some of the schools ask for evidence.  When you get to the bar questionnaire you'll have everything you need to answer the same way... If the question comes up.

Of course the best advice you can get here is speak to a lawyer.  Your situation is a little complex since you are a foreign national.  I suspect if you're honest, and show remorse they'll forgive you.  If not well... In China they make the family pay for the bullets used in a firing squad. 

Current Law Students / Re: private law loans
« on: May 20, 2007, 10:29:08 AM »
What school is that?  What is the cost of living there.   You may want to consider coupon clipping, or changing your diet.  Sam's club is a place that was suggested to me to buy some of the non-perishable goods.  If you by grains like rice place them in sealed containers.

Change your transportation plan, try carpools instead of driving.  Is there public transit?  In the winter reduce you gas bill by lowering the temp during the day, and using thicker blankets at night. study at the library at night and save your electricity.

It may be easier to find ways to cut your budget than to have to deal with loan interest and payback.  I know youl'll need the xtra loan but I just hope you cover all of your bases.  Everyone (most) is making a sacrifice for future returns.  You won't be the only one. 

Current Law Students / Re: Good news for non t14 grads
« on: May 20, 2007, 10:16:56 AM »
Thanks for the clarification...

Current Law Students / Re: Good news for non t14 grads
« on: May 19, 2007, 08:09:06 AM »
See.. All you have to do is do your reading, get good grades and everything will work out.  You don need to be from a T14 to get hired at biglaw.  You just neeed to have heart...

If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will.

Current Law Students / Re: Getting a CPA license after law school
« on: May 18, 2007, 08:46:26 AM »
It's interesting, I hope to get a clerkship after school, and then some mid - biglaw experience. The salary isn't a concern becaus eeventually I want to go solo and build my own mid-law.  The rates are excitig though and since no plan is set in stone I still feel free to lick my chops.  My hometown is at 145K.  I feel like homer simpson: hmmm choc-col-late; hmmm $145K.

Then I snap back to my first year out plan and think damn only $50K?!?!  This clerkship #@%^&*# better be worth my time.

Current Law Students / Re: are your classmates snobby a**holes?
« on: May 16, 2007, 08:27:19 AM »

In reply,

1. It is always refreshing to see that my brilliance recognized. As the waves of adulation grow, I intend to submit my body of posting work to a jury of my peers for review (well, I'll call them 'peers', but we both know they're not quite peers, right?) in hopes of overturning my school's moribund academic policies. Surely I should not be subject to such trivialities as 'exams' and 'classes' and 'knowing what the law is' in order to get my JD, right? I attempted to explain this to a Professor recently, and he started blathering on... something about 'meritocracy' (I think he also said 'doctrinal' and 'normative' and 'dispositive' but he says that in every conversation)...

2. I would never steal from the dearly departed Johnny Carson. I steal my jokes from Car Talk.

3. I can neither confirm nor deny other students ripping out the pages of library books and/or study guides at my fine institution of higher learning. This is because I have not, in fact, confirmed we have a library*. I have been attempting to learn all my black-letter law from the new "Illustrated Manga Guide to Robot Law."

*There is a large building on our law school campus that I see students go into at all hours... but the presence of the many disco balls I can see in the windows and the odor of patchoulli would seem contra-indicative of a studious purpose.

4. CivPro? I *love* me some CivPro! Reminded me of one of my favorite scenes in Pulp Fiction:
"What now? Let me tell you what now. I'ma call a coupla hard, pipe-hittin' lawyers, who'll go to work on the homes here with Federal Interpleader Statute. You hear me talkin', hillbilly boy? I ain't through with you by a d**mn sight. I'ma get medieval on your a$$ with Nationwide Service of Process!"


Current Law Students / Re: Getting a CPA license after law school
« on: May 16, 2007, 06:44:04 AM »
I'm a licenced Real Estate Agent in PA.  A J.D. satifies the education requirement for a Broker licence but you still need to take the Real Estate Bokers Exam to be licenced, and fulfill the C.E. reqirements.

You need to be a CPA in order to hold yourself out as a Public Accountatnt in PA.  You can do tax and accounting assistance and consulting without it but don't tell people your a public accountant or anything where they can infer that you are.  Ex: An independant accountant.  Tax and accounting work done as an employee don't apply

As an attorney you can represent your clients in real estate transactions that relate to your regular attorney/client relkationship.  You can not, however, facilitate real estate transactions as a course of business without a licence.  I assume its the same for accounting services.

I'm keeping my R.E. licence active while in school to fulfill the time requirement as a Real Estate salesperson Licencee.  Once I graduate I will have my Broker licence.

To answer your question at last, it depends on what your intent is.  How are you going to run your practice.

We had a Magistrate Judge in our county who didn't have a law degree.  Some of those positions are political.  I hope to get experience first but I'm in the position where I don't have to.  Participate in your local BAR, and community organizaitions.  If you go solo and have a successful practice for several years with community participation you will have the experience, and the political clout.  You have to get out there and be noticed.

Yea, that's the direction I'm thinking about.  I still have a desire to assist the community with ganeral practice (Estates, Elder Law, Child Law, etc.) and also build a Real Estate Practice.  I think with my Undergraduate Background in Finance I could look into building Real Estate Syndicates or REITs and get into more of the larger development areas as well.  I'll need a securities licence for some of that but I not too concerned.

In PA (where I'm From) I automatically qualify for a Real Estate Brokers Licence witha a JD.  By the time I graguate I will have had my salespersons licence for 5 years which is beyond the time requirement.  My JD will also ease the process of getting the licences I need to set up my Practice as an all service Real Estate Boutique type thing.

These are the things I'll think about when sweating bullets during the 1l 1st semester exams...


I'm considering a solo practice once I graduate 3 years from now.  I currently work as a real estate agent.  I'v had positive encouragement from my clients, my Real Estate Broker, and my Colleagues in the Morgage Business.  In fact the Office manager at the Brokerage has stated that shoud I go solo they would definately direct all of thier real estate legal business my way.  If I do a Title services business I will have clients from the Brokerage, and from the varoius mortgage companies I have worked with.  My clients have also express the the amount of trust and confidence they have in me, so a General Practice focused aroung real estate is a definate possibility.

That said, I also would like to get some of the grunt training (yes I'ma vet) one gets as either a judicial clerk, or Jr. Associate.  I have no problem waiting a few years getting that experience. If I do well in school the income that comes with it will ease my debt woes.  I'm really open to anything.

What is definate is that my debt load will not effect my career decisions for my future.  With a JD my stock increases tremendously.  I just have to have the vision and self confidence to do what needs to be done to be a success.

I'm a non-trad student (Age 31, and a Veteran) so my experience eases some of my fears.  But I want to encourage the younger students to consider all of thier possibilities.  Debt isn't such a scary concept onece you understand how money works. 

Good Luck

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