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Job Search / Re: Summer Need Help
« on: August 20, 2007, 03:46:35 AM »
Que?!?!  ???

Make sure you know how to dress Fly:

You must know where the school building is.  But don't listen to me I'm just an 0L... ;)

Seriously, I'm in your boat. I'm probably worse off. 

Register with the computer network and get your ID beforehand. Same thing with your books, buy them BEFORE orientation. And for god sake make sure you check to see if your courses have assigned summer reading before you get there the first day, and set up and blackboard stuff you have to do for those.

Also, join a facebook group for your incoming class and section, and meet your section mates before class, so you get an idea of who has what personalities.

Finally, read my blog. See signature for details.
Thanks for your service Bro.  My e-contract ends in exactly 12 days then I have that f'n 6 mo addendum to wait out since we're in war. I was joking about wearing BDU's to school BTW.  My first day I'm going in the buff:

I'm wearning my old army Battle Dress, and Face paint.  Whooah!  ;)

Once you have (I think) 50 or more posts you get to commend, or defame other posters.  That effects the reputation.  I tend to commend more than I defame.  It's childs play but I seem to be obsessed with it.  After each point you give or take you must wait 3 hours before you do it again.  It keep people from loosing control.  Up untill last week I was in the + range then I strated rocking the boat and speaking my mind.  Ahh well...

Current Law Students / What do you wanna be when you grow up!
« on: August 04, 2007, 07:51:03 AM »
What practice area is everyone planning on/hoping to get into and why? Are there any public interest people?  Anyone hope to go solo?  What are your plans?

I'm interested in Real Property, Securities, and Corporate.  I would like to go solo after some lawfirm training.  I'm not interested in Biglaw because that environment doesn't excite me.  I have a BBA in Finance, and International business, and am Currently a Real Estate licencee.  So I'm making a career change but not neccesarily a change in subject matter.  I'm maintaing an active licence and am thinking of a Real Estate Boutique, and Civil Law Practice in my neighborhood but with easy access to the courts downtown, and the commercial district.  I'm extremely flexible though and may wind up doing something completely different.  Like Circus Clown ;) , or Devil >:D

I just would look more favorably at the person who has the higher ranking/better grades than the person who comes from a T14 with a lower rank and GPA who simply relies n their school name to get them to where they want to be.

And you're opinion matters here because...??  Unless you're a recruiter at a firm, what you would view more favorably is pretty irrelevant.

Wait a minute, easy slim. I guess i must have struck a nerve there ;D

Who said my opinion mattered? If u dont like it, take it with a grain of salt and move on. Nobody is forcing you to accpet it. I see insecurity runs amuck on these boards.

Sparkz is my hero. :-*  I'm going to commend you to 0 but I have wait 3 hours. :)

Current Law Students / Re: What was your undergrad major?
« on: August 03, 2007, 05:43:22 AM »
 Finance and International Business Administration (double major), French Linguist Certificate/Diploma,

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