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Hilarious...the baby gives you a little pound as if to say, "What's up, pops?"

A pre-req for marriage with me is having mutual respect for each others' beliefs, so yeah I can def. do this...

with someone else's kid in the oven?  i would think most guys would avoid that...but I'm a girl, what do i know?

but, then i wouldnt have to worry about it being MY kid!!!

Exactly. This is actually an underappreciated form of safe sex...I go for prego girls almost exclusively...


not true.  the elephant man, for ex, prob dies a virgin.

and again, a girl will always have better choices, cause men will jump at the chance, women wont.

you made a point earlier about attraction, a lot of guys wont care.

just breathing is good enough for them.

There are a lot of desperate women out there.

Praise be to the heavens...

I agree with this...speaking as a person who has been pressured with the prospect of moving in with a gf in the past, I like the fact that this town is protecting single guys like me who have a fear of committment...if I'm ever mayor someplace, I plan on pushing the envelope on similar legislation as well...

I'm not sure, but I'm inclined to think that having President Bush on your transcript is prolly a bad thing...

I wanna have sex in the 2080s...80s style, too

Make sure you have viagra.

I'm gonna have that sh*t on IV, baby...

I'm kinda upset that I voted bc the night is still young...

I wanna have sex in the 2080s...80s style, too

General Off-Topic Board / Re: A NY LSD party-type-thing?
« on: May 27, 2006, 08:58:40 PM »
dude I'll call you after the movie and we'll get some brew, I just gotta take it easy bc last night was craziness...

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