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I'm noy even gonna get into details but thus rain gave me the worst commute I've had in my life today...damn...

I'm one of those people that foams at the mouth, bumps into innocent bystanders, throws things against walls, and kicks motorcycles over when I get mad, but I'm very restrained in what I say to people - my words are very calm and collected...

When I bounced I included a line about continuing our work someday by collaborating on a future project...I don't really see it happenening but it turned out to be a good way to keep the doors open and the bridges intact...

Uh, yeah. He needs to deal, and you need to not give a flying @#!* what he thinks. In my humble opinion.

Red. is right...again...

oops...I guess I shoulda read the original post more wonder my reading comp score was like 5 in the

Sounds you have to be there at 9pm or is later ok?

bumpizzle fo shizzle...

Black Law Student Discussion Board / Re: Guy's Grooming Products
« on: June 01, 2006, 12:29:36 PM »
I use Kiehl's for my face.  An ex turned me on to that.  She also got me started shaving my pits.  Yeah, it's gay, but it makes my deodorant more effective.  I use the clippers for that, so no itching.

Yeah I've got the Kiehl's men's face lotion (the blue one with a plane on it) and it's the bomb...I've still got pit fro going though...

Okay, in an effort to win back some "hang out in nyc thread" cred, I'm gonna show up with one of those hats that you can drink out of - you know the one's w/ two cans and two straws? I'll have one cup with rum and the other with coke...

If anyone is up for it, I'll prolly be hitting Star 64 tomorrow night - fun place with lots of classic hip-hop and r& gets sweaty in there though so be ready for that:

Star 64
64 East 1st St., btwn First & Second Aves

Black Law Student Discussion Board / Re: Guy's Grooming Products
« on: June 01, 2006, 10:45:18 AM »
I would put 'washcloth' instead of the puff thing...

Everybody uses washcloths.  Guys don't usually use bath puffs until after they use their gf's.

Nah I still wouldn't mess with those - I like being able to wrap up my soap in my washcloth if I go somewhere...the one thing a gf did help me with is face lotion...I used to use the same lotion for everything but she took me to some fancy places and I stepped my face lotion game up with some stuff that has leaves and caffeine in actually wakes me up in the morning!

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