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Temple / Re: Temple Law aesthetics or lack thereof
« on: April 23, 2007, 12:34:02 PM »
Perhaps a more relevant consideration is whether the library and other parts of the facilities are as conducive to learning as some other schools. For example, I visited Suffolk and was absolutely stunned by the law library, moot court rooms, etc.  And I've read, in Susan Estrich's book, that the studying environment has more impact on you than you might think.

Obviously, I've chosen Temple over Suffolk, so I can't be too worried about this. But, I would like to know what others think about these issues. Maybe someone on this board has seen more of the law library and found some great spots for studying, for example.

Temple / Temple Law aesthetics or lack thereof
« on: April 23, 2007, 11:09:25 AM »
Has anyone noticed that the Temple law school website and viewbooks are not nearly as impressive as some from much less respected schools (i.e. "third tier")? And, it's not just the appearance -- it's also relatively hard to find information on the Temple website; and the viewbooks are pretty thin and lacking in detail.

It can be hard to overlook these weaknesses and seek out the hard facts that really matter. Do you think these "marketing" issues help explain why Temple's "conversion" rate is relatively low? (The percentage of admitted students who actually enroll is lower than most schools I've considered.)

As far as the aesthetics of the website and viewbooks... Do you think there's any relationship to the very, very plain appearance of the facilities? Is this a Philadelphia thing? Is style just less important in Philly?

Of course, since I like Temple and plan to attend, I like to think these factors are weeding out people who are too easily influenced by those things, thereby resulting in a better, smarter student body.

Temple / Re: Temple Class of 2010 (entering in Fall 2007)
« on: April 21, 2007, 06:19:16 PM »
I know most people have already decided to attend Temple.  With that in mind, is anyone else concerned about the at graduation employment rate - Temple's being 65%.  9 months after grad employment rate is 95%  Theyre not bad, but i feel like those are not spectacular either. 

If Temple's job placement is significantly below some other school that you want to attend, in a city where you want to work, I say go to the other school -- assuming job placement is one of your top criteria. In my case, Temple is above my other choices in that regard -- especially if you factor in salary and job types also.

Of course, the "at graduation" number is always going to be lower for schools that have a lot of graduates aiming for public interest or government or prosecutor or public defender jobs or small law firms. That's because those employers can't make projections far enough in advance and can't take the same risk required to hire applicants who haven't passed the bar yet.

Temple / Re: Temple Class of 2010 (entering in Fall 2007)
« on: April 06, 2007, 05:54:37 AM »
Does anyone know exactly how hard it is to qualify for in-state tuition at Temple Law? I'll be moving from Florida, living off-campus in Pennsylvania (probably Phildelphia County).

I read some info about this that says it's subjective. You put together a list of evidence that shows you really intend to stay in Pennsylvania after graduation (register car in PA, register to vote in PA, etc.) and submit your request for in-state status.

If the prospects look bleak, I might be able to rely on this fact... My father is planning to give me some PA farmland that's been in the family for generations. He's been talking about doing this in the next year or so -- for reasons completely unrelated to me attending Temple. But, the tax implications of this make me wary.

Any insights?

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