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St. Thomas (Minnesota) / Re: U of Saint Thomas vs. William Mitchell
« on: April 02, 2007, 06:37:17 PM »
That may well be true, but it will take a solid alumni base to become the number 2 school in Minnesota.  I am not saying I doubt that UST can build a solid alumni base, the couple people I know that go there I have nothing but respect for.  But your earlier analysis that because it has a ton of great MBA's doesn't really do much in the short term.  Let's have this conversation in a decade or so when your comments about money and facilities will have borne fruit.  At this point direct comparisons between WM and UST don't serve much practical purpose.  Right now it is apples to oranges due to the absurdity of trying to compare a school with such a long history against a very new school.  The achievements of WM grads aren't just going to become irrelevent because of a new building (WM's facilities are hardly shabby either) and deep pockets of a new institution in town.  I think UST can add a lot to the legal market in the Twin Cities, but I don't "regret" my choice to come here (which I chose over a couple tier 2's in less desirable midwestern markets).  Fair enough?  Your analysis that UST will blow by WM is conclusory at this very early stage. 

St. Thomas (Minnesota) / Re: U of Saint Thomas vs. William Mitchell
« on: April 01, 2007, 11:11:09 PM »
To suggest that William Mitchell is not respected by local lawyers or professors shows a shocking naivete about the legal Twin Cities legal market.  William Mitchell has a tremendous alumni base in all sorts different legal sectors in the Twin Cities.  Take a look at the major firms, they have solid Mitchell representation, not to mention our members on the State supreme court, the state court of appeals and the current Attorney General.  One faculty member leaving really doesn't seem to discount any of this.  William Mitchell has been a sold Tier 3 for a while, it's slip to T4 was not the norm.  Hiring seven new faculty shows that the school is by no means hurting.  Particularly impressive is the IP curriculum (which includes the author a treatise and a new hiring of a major international patent figure).  I am not saying the school does not have its flaws, it is no the U of M and does not pretend to be.  But I find this smack talking from St. Thomas students a bit presumptious.  I have heard many fine things about your school, I know you have some top notch faculty and I have seen your great building.  I am happy that you opened at Tier 3.  But for you to suggest that you are leagues better than Mitchell just a few years into your existence is really not something you can support.  I am sure St. Thomas will use its deep pockets to build a solid alumni base, I just resent misinformation being spread about my school (that it is not respected).  Mitchell has the alumni and the backing to keep its solid rep, if anything it will be Hamline squeezed out (which has some fine programs as well, just less money).  I am merely concerned that new St. Thomas students feel the need to denigrate other area law schools in such an arrogant and erroneous fashion.  I am sure this is not the norm, but only the reflection of those individuals that have done so here.

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