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General Board / Re: John Marshall - Atlanta v. South Texas
« on: March 30, 2007, 08:48:49 AM »

Thanks for the information!  I was also at the open house and I was wondering about some of the same things as  the OP.

I toured JM last cycle, but chose not to apply because I had my heart set on GSU.

The work they've done on the building in the last year is amazing. They really are trying, and that makes me feel pretty good.  Every student that I met was very nice.  Naturally, the school isn't going to have grumpy, miserable students giving tours.  But I was impressed with all the students I spoke with.

The two professors that taught the mock classes were fantastic.  I liked them a lot and would be very pleased (and honored) to be in their classes.  That pretty much put to rest any concerns I might have had about the quality of the professors.  I understand it was just a very short class, given by the best professors at the school, but it still made me feel much better.

My only concern at this point is the $57K average salary for recent grads.  They seem to be able to get nearly every student placed. But, if I'm being totally honest, $57K is a big paycut, doubly so when I take into account the additional debt.  But a quick look at numbers from other schools, such as GSU, seems to indicate that JM grads earn a little less, but not *that* much.

Can you talk a little more about the workload? I'm going p/t evening and I'll be working full time as well.  Have you found the workload too difficult to handle with a full-time job?  Have you had the time to participate in many co-curricular activities (moot court, etc)?  JM seems to be really friendly towards part-time students, which really appeals to me.  What about the library? Have you found it to be sufficient?  With the emergence of internet-based resources, I suspect that the size of a school's library is becoming less and less crucial.

Again, thanks for the info...

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