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Current Law Students / Re: Returning to law school after withdrawing
« on: January 02, 2008, 08:28:19 AM »
first of all, schools will want to know if you left your prior school in good academic standing, you can get a letter verifying this from your old registrar.  i would just add an addendum in you apps stating you compelling interest to withdraw.  i would not retake the lsat unless 1) you are not satisfied with you score, or 2)your score is no longer valid (5 yrs i think?)

fwiw, i withdrew in my first semester.  i did no have a problem reentering thr next year, nor did this issue come up when i transferred or obtained 2l summer work.  also, i had a pretty compelling interest to withdraw.

Current Law Students / Re: What to do when friends go crazy with exams?
« on: December 18, 2007, 09:07:46 AM »
then you are on the wrong board, my friend.

missing one weekend per month is not a big deal, especially after your first year.  You may have to plan your assignments out in advance more than you normally would, but again, no big deal.

two weeks during the summer is probably not a big deal either.  like above, it will take some planning though.  generally, you will have 12-15 weeks off from school during the summer.  if you work for a firm, generally most will require a minimum 8-10 weeks.  so if you work things out in advance, you should be fine.  a poster above mentioned oci at the end of summer.  that is something that you'll have to plan out as well. 

Current Law Students / Re: Transfer question
« on: December 16, 2007, 01:16:33 PM »
as far as firms wanting to see some grades from you new school, this has been my experience and observations of others transferring from t3/4 to a non t14 tl.  i transferred t2 to t25, and was luck enoough to get a couple decent gigs, but most had trouble, unless they were top 5-10%. 

I agree, if you transfer to t14, you are likley allready top 5-10%, and likley wont have any oci troubles.  BUT, if you are goint from t4 to t2 and you're only top 1/3, not only will you have to deal with most oci not looking at you beacause you're not top 25%, you also receive the transfer gpa discount, which will set you even lower. 

again, i agree with brightline that this is generally not the case for t14 xfers

Current Law Students / Re: Transfer question
« on: December 16, 2007, 12:14:06 PM »
i agree with this last post.  if you want to work in the local area of your t4, stay there.  you should do alright locally being top 1/3.  But if you want to practice in the area of the t2, go there. definitely dont transfer to the 80s t2 because you think it'll up your chances nationally, that is generally not the case. 

as far as just going where it is cheaper, eh, transferring solely for the sake of saving a little jingle, I would advise against it.  transferring is a big process, you have to get acquainted with a new school, new procedures, stress of staring over academically and not knowing where you will fall academically for at least a full semester, the stress of being put on hold by firms at oci until you get some grades from your t2, having to start networking in a new place etc.....  Having to do all of this over just so save some $ is not a great idea to me UNLESS you are transferring to a 1) a school in the locale in which you KNOW you want to practice, or 2) xfering to a t25-30 or better (many argue only t14).

Current Law Students / Re: Transfer question
« on: December 16, 2007, 07:52:49 AM »
gpa/class rank? which t4? which t2? where do you want to be when you graduate?

Current Law Students / Re: Worst 3L GPA dropoff you've ever heard of?
« on: December 15, 2007, 01:32:28 PM »
from a 3.8 to sub 3.0 for the semester? eh, not that cool.

from 3.8 to sub 3.0 cumulative? wicked awesome.

Current Law Students / Grades don't matter after 1L, right? anyone? anyone?
« on: December 13, 2007, 02:09:43 PM »
who's with me here?  c'mon, i know there are at least a few people who have convinced themselves that merely skimming their outlines before their exams this semester is sufficient... (while secretly praying that their SA partners wont ask for an updated transcript)

Current Law Students / Re: Any Hope for Hopeless Situation?
« on: December 09, 2007, 03:35:02 PM »
Jomama is your classic internet tough guy.  Everyone loves coming on this board and throwing out the "your not cut out to be a lawyer....but I am cuz I'm soooooooo special."

I know the feeling of getting panicky on a final where your head gets a little clogged up.  But to be honest, this may sound weird, but the when I start to feel like that I just go in my own world and pretend the exam is a real life situation with real life people and I think about what I would tell that person or do in that situation visualizing myself doing it in real life. When I think of it in those terms, the applicable rules start popping in my head, and more importantly an analysis starts getting written down on paper.

Panicking on one test does not mean you should end your lawyer career.  Jomama isn't a lawyer, so he really doesn't even know if he has what it takes to be a lawyer. Jomama hasn't ever had a client or a litigation case, so he can't determine if the situations are comparable.

Every lawyer I've ever spoken to agrees that law school doesn't prepare you for your professional career.  It is simply spending your money for the right to take the bar and making connections along the way.

I never said I was "special" nor did I claim to be a lawyer. I said that this guy was a pu$$y for having a panick attack for a stupid exam. I can also gaurantee that if this guy freaks out on an exam, which isn't as pressure filled a situation as being in court, he will freak out in court.
Oh and one more thing. Having served as an active duty Marine, I do know a little something about the difference between real world pressure and self-inflicted law school exam pressure.

If I'm an "internet tough guy" then I guess you're a internet know it all.

By the way, I'm fairly certain the original post was a flame seeing how we haven't heard from the OP since he made the post.

lol, i can see this guy in class..."having served as an active duty marine, i know a thing or two about a thing or two"

get a life.

the law school musical video is funny, but i think this one tops it.

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