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Studying for the LSAT / Re: Amphetamines for the LSAT
« on: October 25, 2005, 08:04:52 PM »
Yes it did get quite interesting.

And as an aside, in response to:

"I just think this upper advantage over the rest of us is very unfair!  "

I do not know if this is a qualified statment.  For someone like myself whom suffers from mild tramatic brain injury and post concussion syndrome, adderall has been a god-send.  What I wouldn't do to have my mind back to where it was before the accident.  And it is also "fair" in the sense that if you don't have a problem, the only thing it will make you do is stay awake and alert, though more likely you will be cracked out as someone alluded to in this post.


"If any college or law student gets caught without a valid prescription, there might be trouble with the Character and Fitness Committee of the Bar, but I'm sure you know that."

Though this may be true, when was the last time an administration searched ur room, or your backpack, or anything else for that matter.  And even if they did, how would they know you weren't prescribed, or even what the pill was.   There are many defendable reasons why not to use Amphetamines, but this one just doesn't cut it.

I'm not trying to be antagonistic, as I barely ever resond to posts, but this one hits home, and I don't necessarily believe amphetamines deserve 1/100th of the bad rep they get.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Forming Study Group for December 05 LSAT
« on: October 24, 2005, 08:09:52 PM »
Of those above, and still to come interested, could you please send me an email, or post ur email address here so i can include you in the group and figure out the logistics.


Studying for the LSAT / Forming Study Group for December 05 LSAT
« on: October 24, 2005, 11:53:38 AM »
Hi Everyone --

Just did a quick search to see if there are already any groups, and i didn't find one, so I figured I'd make a call to all the masses.   I'm forming this in hopes of doing the studying online, but if personalities are compatible, woldn't be adverse to forming one  that meets in person (in New York City region). 

ohh, and about me.  Currently practicing in 165-167 range, have never taken the test before, 2 years removed from college (Columbia), LGB, LRB, TESTMASTERS, the such.  Welcome all studiers, and we can work out the logistics of such a group once able to gauge the response.

Looking for this to be a beneficial group for all involved, and to be supportive.

Any questions feel free to email me at

Best Regards,

Studying for the LSAT / Re: I did the hard thing: I canceled.
« on: October 05, 2005, 01:53:04 AM »
I agree that law school will most likely be anxious,,,,and that there will be a learning curve, though I don't neccisarily agree that this is a valid reason to reconsider law school.

That being said, I do not believe that medication would be the best solution (Yes it's me Tom, and I know I shouldn't be commenting on your situation, but this entire board is so glib.)  I've spent the better part of my last seven years on anti-anxiety medication, and many of the times the side effects far outweigh any benefits, including the brain fog, loss of memory, loss of concentration, that follow the use of many of them.

More to the point, perhaps the best advice I've read on this matter is THE LAST FOR IDIOTS.  That's right i said it and I attempted to read the book (I don't recommened, especially if you ever intend any trying any of their problems)  However, they devoted a large section of the book to the Zen Approach to taking the LSAT and it was useful.   Before taking a jump to medications, perhaps you could try a week worth of yoga, or meditation or something similar? 

I'm not trying to downplay your conidtion at all, as when I got to my worst point I could not even leave my house let alone drive a car or even think about a test.  So there are other options to exert before medications, that I believe come with more beneficial side effects.

Studying for the LSAT / Advice for those starting the LSAT Study Grind
« on: October 05, 2005, 01:12:14 AM »
Admittedly, I've found the preperation for the lsat so far to be tedious, and I seem to be wasting hours I never thought I even possessed before searching boards similiar to this, tinkering with my fantasy football lineups, and all in all, staying awake fretting about the test.

I took my first practice LSAT blind two weeks ago and got a 152, thought I was prepared to take the October LSAT, had some personal issues, took a practice test on Thursday, Sept. 29th and got a 161, and then chickened out and rescheduled for December.

So what am I to do, when I find that it is neaqrly 2:00 in the morning and I find myself forced awake till 5:00 am looking at every innane comment made on some of these boards.

I guess simply, when the questions are kicking your ass, when you can't seem to devote more than 2 hours a day to studying because then your brain feels like mush and the work is conterproductive, and when you continue to do the questions but you don't feel as if you have complete and utter 100% concentration, how do you push through?

How do you find the will power to plow threw another 100 pages of practice, in which much of the reasoning is counter intiative?

And most importantly, how do you take this test knowing you have given it your all?

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