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General Off-Topic Board / Re: Any LOST fans???
« on: November 21, 2005, 07:25:51 PM »
Definetly a converted LOST fan after spending many a time mocking my sister for watching it last season.   Also it is the only thing that can keep my attention (and hence keep me sane) during this stressful period)

As for therioes, not sure if it's a mind blowing one, but running parrallel with the six degrees of seperation (though on this show it's more like 2-3) the six differnt types of experiments.  The electromagnetism explains a lot of things (the compass, the quick healing, etc.) and it will be interesting to see the other experiments (also I've also heard people say they might be trying to clone individuals, which why there have been incidences of people that look similar)

As to the Wizard of Oz theory, I'd like to believe that it doens't hold that much wait,,,, cause it would be really hard to get all f them on the same island.  however, I do think that Hnaso will play a progressivly larger role in the show.

I've also been kinda dissappointed in the recent episodes -- way too many back stories and dialogue and straight up action --- it's as if they show has lost it's core demographic of sci-fi fans by the recent writing, and I think we understand what makes most of the characters tick now.

As for my thoughts on the numbers, my suspicions were confimed that they really don't have that much significange to the central aspects of the story, as per a NYPost article a couple of days ago (the lone exception being 23 whichhas been pretty mythical nearly throughout history).

I know I'm a little behind in the cycle since a medical condition forced me to reschedule my October test, but I was just assuming that it was a form the deans signed saying your record is clean/not clean and it got sent. 

But I just signed into my undergrad (columbia) and they ask you all the schools you are applying to, a few paragraphs on why you are applying, to include addendums of any academic disparages, to list all organizations, and all awards won. 

Is this normally the case?   Is it possible that this may be more difficult to fill out than a couple applications.

Any other similar Columbia experiences?  Or schools that are similar?

First, I apologize for the rambling piece of garbage I posted last night.  Next time I decide to take a sleeping pill I'm locking up my computer.

"You would still get rejected for the guy from Calmozzo because even with a .3 boost (and that is HUGE!) you're GPA still sucks for Columbia and compared to the guy from the lesser ranked school. HTH."

As to that comment, love how my gpa sucks, and I respectfully disagree.  My whole purpose in posting at all was to say that, all other things equal, going to an elite school does give you a boost during admissions, albeit a small one.

Secondly, for splitters, a lot can be made up with add., LOR and PS.  This is not to say a school you have absolutely no reason to apply to will overlook everything.

However, if admissions were only as cut and dry as many on this board believe them to be, each school could just plug their applicants into a computer and be done with it.  AD COMM. exist for a good reason, and strength of undergrad degree, plays a similar role to strength of schedule in the BCS.  This is also why I believe it is prudent to apply to several reaches, as on any given day, perhaps the committee member reading your appplication will love it.  And also if you can take rejection.

That's all.

not a large poster, but here is my two cents on the topic at hand, which comes from my expereince working in admissions at Columbia with cross over between all schools.

I will also do a hypothetical with my own credintials, and please feel free to comment:

Since I also fall into the range where I will be a splitter 3.2/praticing at 172-176.

First and foremost during no admission is it heads up student to student, but for this hypothetical we will do it.

 joe schmoe from Calomozzo whom has a 3.85 and a 172. 

GPA: First off, taken into account that I attended an IVY UG, Columbia, and majored in History minor international relations, with leading teachers in both camps, like it is mentioned, i would probably get around a .3 point boost.

So at that point ur looking at     ME: 3.5   174 IVY   and JOE SCHMO:  3.85  172   Calamozzo.

Right now, I think I would give JOE just a bit of an edge. But lets see this.  The vast majority of students submit LOR's that are adequate to say the best, and the admission teams knows that.

Luckily enough I was able to do research assignemnts with amazing professors whom became friends over the years.  So my LORS: one from  famous American History pof , one from the Charirman of the History Department, and one from the President of the University, whom I was close with during undergrad beacuse I actually oddly enough worked out with him for months my senior year.  I also will use one from my Business Partner, as I am a partner in a PR Firm I formed myself and will have 3+ yrs. work experience.

That being said, dont know Joe Schmo, though I will say they are his LOR are good from two prof. at his no name school.  I believe i would have an edge at the point of getting in based on stellar

So at this point I would say that, as with the majority of difference between getting in and not getting in, will be the personal statement.

And so end of the day, (since this is my hypothetical and I can do whatever I want) I would end up being accepted over Joe Schmo.  I say this because I do believe I have a strong  PS,though it is a quite risking PS. In brief I was involved in a car accident right before college (flipped four times), got mild traumatic brain damage, post concussion syndrome, etc.  Rehab to learning was brutal, and continued to try and attend school.  Huge side effects from medications, treatments.  Any way long story short found some six yrs. later actuallly, the extent of the damage done in my brain, and the medication I had used anti-anxiety I would need to detox off of, which after 6 yrs was a groesome struggle that left me out of commission of r more than a month.   Then now after scans and checking other various elements of my brain, it was found I actually had a destroyed my pituatary gland.  Hence subsequently, much of the side effects which were compounded from the in ordinary amount of medications I was taken affected my work and school, I could stop taking them.  Since then I've began hormon replacement therapy and am litterally felling almost normal again for the first time in 6 yrs.  Which is why I can finally in good faith attend law school finally which has been a life long dream. (this recap ain't even half of it)

With that said, I feel pretty comfortable that I'm in perhaps a fair range of candidates, for many of the top schools.  What isn't expunded upon enough in these boards are the effect that your personal statements and letters of recommendations can have on an application -- a ton.  When I worked in admissions, individuals with higher scores on the SAT and LSAT's where thrown out in order to make room for lower ones because of the information. 

I guess what i'm saying is that though GPA and LSAT are huge having perhaps one of the best PS and LOR combined together with perhaps a litlte bit of sub standard numbers  can get you very far.

Do I expect to get into Harvard?  No, not really not really at, but I believe i will make it past the first several rounds of their application review, and they may think about it more than if i had a really ppor LOR and poor PS

And I know there are those claims that this will adversely affect their rankings and a school wouldn't do that.  To that, if a school loves the image you potray in your statements, in the awesome LOR people sent, and they see you have survived at an IVY or other comparable institition, you are a much safer aplicant that those from lesser schools.  Also, if they like the whole applicant, they understand their rankings will not be hugely affected by one candidtate as they have a plehtora of over qualified 3.9 175'ers per year, and one GPA can  be made up by the tons of applicants whom score extremely highly above those other schools.

Sorry this is my late night ramblings but how much do you agree with these summations.  Excuse the language but I wanted to finish the post but my sleeping pill kicked in and I can barely see the schreen anymore.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: December or February?
« on: October 26, 2005, 08:07:16 AM »
I say sign up for the december test.  You are already scoring wonderfully, but since that's not the problem, at least if you need to, you can decide to switch till February at a real minimal cost up until the day of the test.   

This way if you feel you're prepared, go for it, if not it is february.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: December score release date?
« on: October 26, 2005, 07:56:30 AM »
 :o   not really looking forward to that christmas present.

I feel as though I have been blessed with amazings talents and skills (USE MORE) that can be used best in the manner of the law.  Upon the complemetion of JD program, I will be able to advocate, wether it be in a clerkhip, a large law firm, or with clients in my hometown state, an innate sense of goodness, and respect. And, I will continue to venerateveneration not only to the ideals that being a JD enters me into, but also for helping to be the safeguard to ensure that future generation of JD degrees live up to the ethical and moral standards.

Who knows,,,,, i cant even go back and check this cause i'm falling asleep on my computer.. i'lll come back and fix tommorow

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Study question
« on: October 25, 2005, 11:45:29 PM »
I would also suggest alternating them.  I also think my life has hit its dullest point ever, considering that I look forward to working on LGB after slogging through the LRB for 2 hours.  Call me crazy, but since games are my strength, I actually like getting a couple of things correct.

no I'm not, but some of you may find this article interesting in your spare time.

First you should read this:

Then after you've read this, continue on to this article where the fun really begins.  See I never realized that the way to obtain information in the future, and the AI of computers might be based on the logical reasoning we learn for the LSAT.  Perhaps all this studying will be useful further down the line.  And perhaps, due to all the privacy issues potentially raised by these programs, we can all be happilly and richly employed for a long, long time.

Doubtful that this could happen, well just why would Google get involved in the business?  They always do things better than they were done before (earth, Desktop Search, etc) and this is a logical extension, of their current technology.

In any case, hope some of you find this article as interesting as I did.  I also was just pumped to read an article discussing my beloved logical reasoning.


Studying for the LSAT / Re: Amphetamines for the LSAT
« on: October 25, 2005, 05:04:52 PM »
Yes it did get quite interesting.

And as an aside, in response to:

"I just think this upper advantage over the rest of us is very unfair!  "

I do not know if this is a qualified statment.  For someone like myself whom suffers from mild tramatic brain injury and post concussion syndrome, adderall has been a god-send.  What I wouldn't do to have my mind back to where it was before the accident.  And it is also "fair" in the sense that if you don't have a problem, the only thing it will make you do is stay awake and alert, though more likely you will be cracked out as someone alluded to in this post.


"If any college or law student gets caught without a valid prescription, there might be trouble with the Character and Fitness Committee of the Bar, but I'm sure you know that."

Though this may be true, when was the last time an administration searched ur room, or your backpack, or anything else for that matter.  And even if they did, how would they know you weren't prescribed, or even what the pill was.   There are many defendable reasons why not to use Amphetamines, but this one just doesn't cut it.

I'm not trying to be antagonistic, as I barely ever resond to posts, but this one hits home, and I don't necessarily believe amphetamines deserve 1/100th of the bad rep they get.

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