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Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Novus University School of Law
« on: January 31, 2007, 02:50:24 PM »
Thank you for the update on Novus, I did some investigating and pulled the BB on them and found no complaints or actions against the school in the past ten years it has been in operation which means nothing but perhaps they may be working within the scope of the law. I just would like to speak with or hear from someone who actually gradutated from this program and see what the real deal is. I am 39 and have few options for Law school and given the fact that I have a very busy hectic schedule I do not have the 3-5 hours a day that Concord requires not to mention the money to pay 8-10K  year for this...

I reread my reply and I noticed I failed to indicate that not only doesn't Novus "teach" you anything, they do not find the attorney's/judges for you to learn with the "in-office" method. You are basically paying for (nothing) "some guidance" - read the fine print. Best wishes!

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Novus University School of Law
« on: January 30, 2007, 06:58:22 PM »
I have applied for Novus and just got off the phone with an advisor who aksed for my SSN and a Credit card number to start me on the the three year program, It is tempting because it is so affordable but I do not want to get into this program and be left out in the cold...Any words of wisdom on this? The advisor had a hard sell approach and said if I do not accept at this time I will have to wait for a year to apply again.

Hi James

Although I am, generally, an advocate of LD education law schools, Novus is not one I would recommend. If you read the fine print, you will see that all they do is help you set up a curriculum with an attorney for in-office law study not for distance education. The other thing they claim to help you with is with obtaining legal books - I have no idea about the veracity of this claim.

They telling you that if you do not give them your SSN and credit card number now that you will have to wait a year sounds like pressure selling to me. If I was you, I would opt for one of the distance legal education schools that are registered with the California Bar. Novus is not registered with the California bar, or any bar for that matter. Hope that helps!


thats actually good gramar dumb ass.

When you learn the plural of business at your ABA law school come back and criticize DL law schools

90% of new business's fail so I guess if you do the math

Before pointing out other's alleged lack of education, perhaps, one should proofread one's posts... ;)

I like how you assume what lawyers need without being one.  I could assume about being a doctor.  I watch er and scrubs therefore I am a doctor via distance education.

Perhaps you should not assume I am not also an attorney


A good amount of medical education could be done on a semi-distance fashion. The other component needs to be done traditionally for obvious reasons which do not apply to lawyers. There are some physical procedures which need personal confirmation before one as a physician can feel confident to do them. The same does not apply to attorneys who learn a great amount post-law school.

Judging by your name I am assuming you are a doctor.  How would you feel if someone did there medical studies online by a non accredited school.  That is how aba students feel about online schools. 


Ta ta from the "bitter old man."

Thanks for being outspoken about DL law schools  :)

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