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The Internationale is the international song of both Marxist and non-Marxist socialist parties. It was written in French by Eugene Pottier, a wood-worker from Lille, after the fall of the Paris Commune of 1871, and set to music by P. Degeyter.

The "Internationale" referred to is the International Working Men's Association, the so-called First International (186476), part of which had supported the Commune. It has been used across the world as a song of resistence to oppression. Perhaps its most dramatic use in recent years was its repeated singing by the students in Tiananmen Square in 1989 - although, curiously, the western press did not comment on this.

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Sigmund Freud would criticize this notion of collective unconscious, asserting that crowds do not have a soul of their own, nor do specific ethnic groups have a Volkgeist. Rather, individuals identify themselves to their leaders through their own "ideal ego" (that is, their subjective representation of their leader). The Freudian concept of an "ideal ego" later became the super-ego. Ultimately, leaders themselves identify themselves to an idea.

That's because Freud tends to think in purely psychological terms.


America celebrates stupidity in order to help people ignore the dissonance between their belief that America is a democratic nation with civil rights and the fact that it is an Orwellian totalitarian state derived from lessons learned in the "great experiments" of Fascism and Stalinism.

US stinks and is a dirty country.

Roman empire collapsed,
Ottoman empire collapsed,
Soviet empire collapsed and
American empire will collapse and the first signs are visible everywhere.

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