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If you like Hold'em, the daily tournaments can be a good deal.  Tropicana has cheap ones on Mondays and Wednesdays.  I totally jumped on the bandwagon after ESPN showed the WSOP last summer.  Got a set of quality chips for Christmas and before ya know it there was a game goin' at least 3 nights a week at my house.  We'll have to get one started at school.

Ending July 30 here...vegetate for a couple of weeks...def. gonna blow a wad of cash in AC

What's your game of choice?  The rake on low-limit poker makes it tough to make any money at that, and I'm just too chicken-*&^% to step up to a higher-limit game...Blackjack and Pai Gow Poker are always fun.

Not takin' much time off, are ya Brooke?  I'm thinkin' Aug 6 will be my last work day.  That'll give me a full week plus to unwind, settle in wherever I end up living, probably hit up Atlantic City to blow my not-so-hard-earned money, etc.  I basically plan on vegetating for 2 full weeks before the onslaught of law school.

I'm sure you all may be familiar with Aaron Karo, who until recently wrote the Ruminations column that is featured on  Check out this article from last summer regarding work...

I thought about sending my resume to some of the small law firms around here but then decided that I'm going to have more time doing legal work over the next 30 years that I don't really feel like taking more on now.

Brooke, when do you plan on telling your boss about LS?  And how long have you worked there?

Best wishes living with your family Brooke.  My family has offerred to let me do the same, and I realize it would be a good financial decision, but after 4 years living away from home including 5 months on my own in London, spending the summers at home sucks enough.  I can't do it for longer, even for just the first year.

I also hear ya on the POS job.  Mine isn't like a career job, just the customer service/data entry thing I did last summer and am back with the same company (computer company in King of Prussia) right now.  I basically spend all day on this message board, AIM, playing Yahoo games, etc.  Not that getting paid for that stuff isn't nice, but sometimes I feel truly worthless sitting here.

As far as laptops go, I do have a lot of brand loyalty to Dell, and will probably go with a laptop from them.  Need to find out exactly what specs 'nova requires though.

If anyone on the board here lives in the Philadelphia area and wants to get together for drinks sometime, I'm always game.

What happened to everyone else who was on this thread?  lschool2004, brooke7733, stillwaiting...any of you still out there?

I think I'm gonna do the apartment hunt next Friday.  So far it looks like Rosemont Plaza, Radwyn, Mermont, and Mermont Plaza are gonna be the places I look.  Possibly also 101 Mill Creek Apartments in Ardmore since I have friends who live there.  Also gotta gear up for a lovely conversation with financial aid...

Does anyone know what the parking situation is for law students at 'nova?

And we'll get to pledge again, as 1Ls...

Very little sleep, memorizing seemingly endless reams of material, constantly being challenged, and resorting to binge drinking for comfort...yeah, sounds about right.

Hey, looking back on it, 8 of the best weeks of my life...Not that I thought so then.

All depends on how you think of it...I never would've made it through 4 years of undergrad focused on studying day in and day, I'd much rather enjoy the experience while it lasts, not have 3 years from hell to look back on...if you go in level-headed, realizing that everyone else is in the same boat as you and has the same fears, etc., then you can sit back, do your best to get through it together, and enjoy the moment

Hahahahahahaha...sounds like an extended version of pledging.

That was definitely the case in undergrad, but I don't know if that's gonna be able to fly in law school.

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