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I looked at Radwyn Apartments, Rosemont Plaza, and Radcliff House.  I'm leaning toward Radwyn Apartments at the moment.  The people there were a bit more friendly, and the apartments are carpeted, which is nice.  Radcliff House had more closet room and nicer bathrooms, but there's always tradeoffs. So it'll Radwyn Apartments for me in all likelihood.

(Oh, and yes, that does mean I made my final decision, and I will be going to Villanova.)

New York tax is unreal.  8.75% sales tax?!  Yeah, I don't do any shopping up there. 

And after awhile, I did start to go nuts at Penn State.  As fun as it was for 4 years, and as much as it's a place I'll always go back and visit when occasion arises, it was driving me nuts by the end.  I think spending 5 months living in London ruined small towns for me forever.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Going to London, Dublin, Barcelona...
« on: June 24, 2004, 01:02:14 PM »
Spent a semester in London, and there's definitely no shortage of things to do.  If you like American-style clubs and are there over a weekend, Rouge (West End on Charing Cross Road) and Purple (underneath Stamford Bridge at the border of Chelsea and Fulham) aren't bad.  If you like trance and underground, DEFEINTELY check out Turnmills and Fabric, both of which are in the East End.

There are also walking tours of different sections of London, which white alluded to.  The most popular of those are the Jack the Ripper walk and the Beatles walk.

I think I really talked myself out of Brookyln because I decided NYC was just one of those legal communities I didn't want to get involved with.  Not that I expect Philadelphia will be much better, but just the NYC way of life isn't for me.  My family are all NY transplants, and when we go back to visit extended family and old family friends, we reaffirm our belief that we're glad we don't live there.

I agree that I might rather be IN a city, but the Main Line is such a nice area.  And after living out in the f'n middle of nowhere for four years, it feels like a city.  The R5 is a half hour ride into Center City, which a pain in the arse I guess, but I'm so used to driving in anyway.

What's with all you 'nova people showing up when I'm going to be out of town?  Another soon-to-be 1L did that a couple weeks ago when I was away.

I don't know about the cell phone tax.  I've been on a family plan since I got my cell phone.  Sorry I can't help there.

Brooklyn offerred me a spot in the part-time day program off the waitlist, but, like Maryland, Brooklyn isn't in the nicest area.  They say it's in Brooklyn Heights...more like NEXT to Brooklyn Heights.  When I declined the offer they said they didn't anticipate pulling people in from the waitlist for the full time program.

I'm playing phone tag with the director of admissions at Maryland.  I suspect I'll have until Friday to decide.  Right now, my inclination is go stick with Villanova, because of its connections to Philadelphia law firms.  I know I don't want to get into the rat race that is Washington D.C. law, and Baltimore isn't exactly a booming legal center.  Many of the firms that have offices in Baltimore also actually have them in Philadelphia as well.

Right now I'm contemplating using this as a bargaining chip to try and get a few bucks out of Villanova.  But I suspect I'm going to stick with 'nova.  When my stepmother called and told me the director of admissions from Maryland had left a message on the answering machine to offer me a spot, I wasn't exactly thrilled (and I kinda thought I would be). 

So it happened...I got a call from the University of Maryland yesterday.  Decision time...major decision time.

Where should I go next fall? / Big Decision, Need Help
« on: June 22, 2004, 05:30:05 PM »
Well, lightning struck.  I've been all set to go to Villanova.  Looked at apartments, found a place I liked, everything falling into place.  Today I got a call from University of Maryland.  They're offering me a spot after being waitlisted.  I thought this was what I wanted, but now I'm not so sure.  My gf and I were talking about moving in together after this coming year, and if I'm in Baltimore, our whole relationship (coming up on 3 years) will be in major jeopardy.  Add to that the fact that I don't know if I want to up and move my whole life from Philadelphia to Baltimore.  HELP!

Yeah, I've decided I just gotta suck it up and deal with the outrageous Main Line rent for the first year.  I'm just hoping that sometime in the course of 1L I meet someone I can tolerate living with to cut down on the expenses for second and third years.

So I did my apartment hunting yesterday...Looked at Rosemont Plaza, Radwyn Apartments, and Radcliff House.  Good Lord it's gonna be expensive.  I have no idea how I'm going to afford to live in any of these places.  I didn't like Rosemont Plaza at all, and Radwyn Apts and Radcliff were both $990 a month for the 1br/1ba.  I have no idea how I'm going to get that kind of money.  Is anyone else in panic mode???

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