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Eh, *&^% happens.  I'm mostly pissed that they gave me ONE DAY's notice.  That's ridiculous.  The least they coulda done was told me like on Monday so I had a few days to call up temp agencies and get something set up.  Oh well...At least the long weekend will let me cool off.

Then again, I'll be w/ my gf the whole weekend, so maybe I will still be fuming come next week.  Just gotta keep thinking happy thoughts about playing golf and getting a new car.

Law School Applications / Re: How NOT to impress AdComs
« on: July 01, 2004, 10:13:39 PM »
Is it just me or is everyone here way too hung up on the numbers game?  What happened to taking responsibility for your actions and the results thereof?  You think you "deserve" at least a 170 on the LSAT.  You walk into the exam and have a brain fart, but cancel your score because for whatever reason--you're sick, you didn't get a good night's sleep because of the stress of going into the exam, you just had a major fight with your significant other, whatever--you didn't perform well enough to get the score you "deserve."

What the F?  Welcome to LIFE.  A judge, or a client paying your outrageous hourly rate, isn't going to give a rat's ass about how you slept the night before.  We're all in the same boat here.  I don't care if you're going to HYS or Cooley or anywhere in between.  We've all decided to pursue the study of the law, and we're all gonna have to take responsibility for whatever outcomes arise from the work we put in.  And YES, luck is going to be a factor in your success.  Didn't sleep well the night before your Torts exam?  Tough *&^%.  We're all gonna go through it.

I'm really not as bitter as I'm sounding.  But be realistic.  It's not how you perform at your absolute peak level that's gonna affect how far you end up progressing in law school and as a lawyer.  It's how you handle the absolute high-stress, no-sleep, mutli-million dollar crap situations that will make the difference.

So my wonderful company in all their wonderfulness decided to tell me today they were cutting out all temps effective tomorrow.  Thanks a lot guys.  I'm glad you gave me a good week or so to hunt down another job.  It's not like I'm going to have major rent to pay shortly.   >:(

I've been itching for a new car for awhile now...specifically since the CD player in mine took a *&^% last year.  Figured there was no point in replacing it since I was gonna get a new one, but then it was waiting to see where I was gonna end up to see if I would need a car and what kind would be appropriate.  Since I'm staying close I can get a regular car as opposed to a gas-guzzler, but I want to check out the Santa Fe anyway.

Hmm...I've had great experiences with Dell in the past and was leaning toward that route, but maybe I'll have to reconsider.  I refuse to buy another Gateway...piece of *&^%.

I'm checking out the Nissan Altima and Maxima tonight.  I also want to look at the Mazda 6, Hyundai Santa Fe, and Honda Accord.

I really have to get crackin' on getting a laptop.  That's on the list right after a car...Test driving tonight and tomorrow - WOOHOO!  But for laptops, what route are you guys going?

I keep on thinking I should buy a poker table but I don't want to waste my money if I can't get a regular game goin'.  At least I know one person is in. :)

Depends on traffic...about a 20-30 minute car ride.  It's a fairly inexpensive area populated largely by recent college grads who work in Philly and area grad students.

My house is a bit farther from 'nova, so for me it's really not worth the commute.  Or at least that's what I'm saying to justify to myself getting the hell outta my parents' house.

psugirl where do you live?  My parents offerred me the opportunity to stay at home, but, kinda like with Manayunk, I feel like I should be as close as possible to the school.  Besides, I nearly killed my 'rents last summer.  Don't get me wrong, I love 'em to death, but I had a long summer after my 4 months abroad, and I'm struggling to keep myself sane living at home again this summer.

Not for 1L.  I'm gonna want to be as close as possible to the school for the first years given the long hectic hours.  So I'm eating the extra money this year and for 2L and 3L I'll move to Manayunk and/or find a roomie.

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