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I looked at both Radwyn Apartments and Radcliff House.  Don't know anything about Radnor House.  I ended up choosing Radwyn because the living space was slightly larger and the carpeting is a major plus in my mind.  Radcliff House isn't carpeted.  The living space is slightly smaller but the balcony is larger and it has more closet space.  The kitchen was also a little bit nicer in Radcliff House.  In general, they're fairly even and both seemed quite livable.  So you may want to add Radcliff House to your list of places to check out.

I believe those Penn shirts said "We are...NOT Penn State."  I'm also a fan of the "New Jersey - where the weak are killed and eaten" and "Jersey girls aren't trashy...trash gets picked up" t-shirts.

Welcome to the forum Dmiller.  Haven't heard of Radnor Crossing, but seeing as it's not Home Properties, it must be a decent place.  :)

Aren't the financial aid people just the friendliest folks on the planet?

And that t-shirt is absolutely hilarious and one which I am sure I will end up purchasing.

I've gotten my financial aid package but need to call the office to talk about my disbursement date and the exact amount of the package, cause I'm actually not taking the full amount they're offerring.

I'll be moving into Radwyn Apartments Aug 1.  Look out for a poker night after that date as soon as I can scrounge up 7 or so players.

Okay, so I realize this is totally not on-topic, but if anyone is a Dave Matthews fan, I have an extra ticket for one of the two shows next week.  I have tix for both nights but Steph can only afford to go to one of them, so the other one I'm lookin' for someone else to buy the other ticket.  I have pavilion seats for Tuesday night and Warehouse lawn seats for Wednesday night.  So Sarah or any of you other Philadelphia area people, let me know.

Well, I hope all of you who went up for Arts Fest had a blast.  I got a random phone call from some girl I met in like early April and exchanged numbers with one night and hadn't talked to since, which was interesting.  Oddly enough, I found myself not really wishing I was there.  I, like PSU4Life, have grown extremely tired of dealing with underclassmen.  Maybe I'm just a bitter ol' alum.  I do miss the $3 pitchers at the Skellar and Saturday nights at the Phyrst though. 

Took my gf out for her 21st birthday to a restuarant in Philly which was pretty good, but I've had better for the same amount of money, and even a bit less.  The funny part was we had to steal our own bottle of wine from the restaurant.  It was the only time we've ever gone out and not finished whatever we were drinking.  I was driving, and she just wasn't feeling well, so we each had one drink before the wine but then we only made it through half of the bottle of wine.  Well I'll be damned if I'm gonna leave a half bottle of wine that I paid 36 bucks for to go to waste, or worse yet, for the restaurant to make money off it by selling the rest of it by the glass.  But the manager informed us (quite rudely too, I might add) that PA has this "silly law" that says they can't let patrons take wine out of the restaurant and they can lose their liquor license and yadda yadda yadda.  So while she wasn't looking I stuffed the bottle in Steph's gift bag and we scurried out.  I'm not good at telling stories, but it was pretty funny at the time.

Filled out the apartment application at Radwyn Apartments for a lease to start Aug 1, so I'll be moving in gradually over the course of the first week in August.  Now I'm off to go haggle with the Honda dealer.  :)

I got the letter with the orientation date, but that's it.  Hope you're having fun at ArtsFest, PSU4Life.  I'm at home cause it's my gf's 21st birthday.  Of course considering we're on on-again/off-again speaking terms, I probably shoulda gone up for ArtsFest.

Hahaahahahahaha.  Kristin, I just completely misread your post and thought it said "I just punched my jerk of a boss today" and was thinking damn, I wish I had the guts to do that sometimes.  But then I re-read and was disappointed.

Day 2 at the trash company wasn't as bad as day 1, though I still can't check my e-mail, definitely not post on here, and the office is still dark and dingy...and I'm still getting the hell outta there at the end of the week.

Though working the 11-7 shift does give me a good amount of time to hit the gym on my way to work, which is nice.  Hope everyone else is doing well.

Realized I typo'ed in my last post.  I'm actually getting the Accord Sedan.  I wanted a 4 door car cause I've found that my current coupe is just too cramped inside for me.  I'm going to Radwyn Apts on Monday to do all that fun paperwork.  I'll let you know what apartment I have when I know.

YAY!  Sarah's on the board! 

Updates for those of you who care - the new temp job SUCKS and I'm gonna do it for this week and get the hell outta there.  Dark, dingy office with anti-social people and a big brother company mentality that prevents me from checking my e-mail during downtime let alone posting on here during work hours.  Throw in the crappy 11am-7pm shift (crappy mainly cause I commute to Jersey to see my girlfriend for dinner on Wednesdays and for the weekends) and I'm already sick of it...after ONE DAY.

Looks like I'll be getting an 04 Honda Accord Coupe V-6 EX as my new car.  I can't wait.  Getting a good price on it, which makes the key difference.

And I'm settled on Radwyn Apartments and will be putting down a deposit in the next week or so.  Poker night will be ON.

Whatever...Temp agency already found something else for me.  So I guess I can't complain too much.  Though it is a <gasp> dollar an hour less.  I think I'll live.

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