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Is that really a good thing?  I thought we were supposed to be getting more, like, mature and responsible and stuff...not making him less mature. ;)

I believe the average age for the entering class is 24, so while you might be on the older side of the median, I highly doubt you'll be the only person your age around, and even so, we're all in the same boat together...

No idea on class size though.

This is the response I received in regards to the discrepancy between the Villanova due date and the disbursement date:

"Once we process the loan for you, your account will reflect the fact that loans have been processed the amount expected will memo onto your account.  The Bursar will then know that you are expecting to receive loan funds so that the due of 8/6 does not apply to you."

Hope this answers that questio if anyone else was in that boat.

I just finished the necessary paperwork...Gotta love procrastination.  I'm so consumed by panic about moving in ten days and so not being packed or having everything I need for the move that I didn't even really think about all the financial aid crap til yesterday.

Anyone know how to handle the whole discrepancy between VU's bill due date and the disbursement date?  I e-mailed the fin aid office, but we all know how helpful and quick to respond they are.

Congratulations hope!  There are a few decent apartment buildings in the Villanova area.  I recommend checking at Radnor House, Radwyn Apartments, Rosemont Plaza, and Radcliff House.  Also look at and do a search for Villanova University, that'll pop up everything in the area.  Make your calls and visits very soon though, as I know they were just about out of apartments and Radcliff House and Radwyn is also running low on 1br's.

I have no idea if the school is wireless or not, but psugirl mentioned it and it might not be a bad idea to give a call and find out.

What kind of wireless card is everyone getting in their comps?  I'm fairly computer illiterate.  I know how to use basic applications, the internet, etc. but am pretty clueless when it comes to LANs and wireless connections and whatnot.

Sorry junbug...guess I should look around for some salt and pepper to season my foot.

I'm probably just going to do the Dell computer through the school.

Are your parents helping you move?  I'm sure once you get to the building there will be people around and you can use your feminine charm to get a couple guys to help you out. ;)

I know nothing about the disbursement at the moment.  If I'm feeling brave I'll give a call tomorrow during my lunch break.

Anyone else heard from their "mentor" yet?  Oddly enough mine is a girl I had a class with at PSU and know from Greek life.  Made the intros easy at least.

All this grill talk reminds me...What does everyone plan on cooking at school?  I'm pretty much a novice, so I'm sure I'll be resorting to the ol' stir fry, marinated baked & pan fried chicken, and the other simple recipes that I used when I was on my own last spring.

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