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Whoa, major lag in posting here.  So I'm more or less moved into the apt.  Still bouncing back and forth between there and home a bit, on account of no internet or cable tv at the apt.  And the beautiful people at Comcast say their earliest possible installation date is the 27th.  You've got to be kidding me.  I would definitely like to kick some ass and take names over there.

They're not up for mine either.  My guess is they're just now getting the website set up for use for the semester.  So I guess I gotta make a good impression on ya'll before you see my picture and go "What a douchehole."

I still have my Office 2000 CD.  I'm just going to use that, since Office 2003 is essentiall no different than Office 2000.

And don't worry dmiller...I don't think anyone takes good pictures.

Thank you Kristin, you have now officially sent me into panic mode cause I looked at my schedule and it's now sinking in that we're actually going to be law students very soon...That and I have Frankino for contracts, who has the lowest GPA distribution over the last two years for any 1L class. 

By the way, I'd also like to state that moving is the biggest pain in the ass EVER.  Day 3 of my move tomorrow.  Joy of joys.  (I promise I'm not normally this whiney)

I just ordered a Dell.  Not through the school though.  I found that if you configure your own system through the Dell website, you can get one for several hundred dollars less than the Villanova program.  I've never had a Dell laptop before, but know I was not about to touch another Gateway.  Thing crapped out on me about a half dozen times over the last four years.

I was out with my friend Cristin, a 2L, tonight, and she was talking about how much time the 1L's end up spending in the library.  She said she always had a secret desire for Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds to run into the law library and scream "NEEEEEEEERRRRDDDDDSSSSSSS!!!!" at all the uptight spastic 1L's who might as well have set up cots in the damn place.  I'm thinking of getting ahold of one of my PSU brothers (who we called Caveman) to see if he'd be willing to make a little trip down to do it during exams.  Cause I for one think it would be hilarious.

Have you guys checked out some of the other threads on this site?  It's crawling with people who think their life is gonna be over if they don't make law review.  I really don't have enough of a competitive edge to deal with this crap...I dunno...Maybe that means I'm not competitive enough to hack it in law school.

I'm actually at the law school library writing emails.  It's pretty nice, and I'm looking forward to spending time here. ugh...

I'll lay down a bet that junbug will be the first person on this thread to attempt to burn down the law library.  Any takers?

I would've responded...

And yet you didn't

LOL...It's so tempting to respond to that one, and I'm just not gonna do it, cause nothing I'd say could possibly be appropriate.

Hey!! No one is allowed to talk about a far drive...I'll be having a lovely hour+ drive every day!!  ;)

Jesus Kristin, WHY WHY WHY?!?!

Hmmm...then maybe I should consider not doing law school and start a rock band instead.  :)

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