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Well it never seizes to astound... Hezbollah's contention is a fair assessment of the discraceful state of afairs in our nations contemporary foreign policy. It is not only unreasonable but unjust for us to continue to arm a nuclear state that occupies the teritories of its neighboring states, indiscriminately kills innocent civilians, and has been violating UN resolutions consistently for near 40 years.

As for the responses to this post thus far...

Current Law Students / AZ - Torts
« on: October 12, 2006, 09:16:53 AM »
Supreme Court of Arizona, In Banc.
Carolyn Sue BRITTAIN,
No. 10323.
June 23, 1971.

"Why was the helicopter pilot flying so low as to come into contact with elecrtic cables? Why do they fly helicpotes so low in Arziona? Mr. Smith?

Mr. Smith (Student):
"Because they use them to catch criminals?"

"Omg... (chuckles) to catch criminals? (chuckles)... not on this day Mr. Smith."

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